JAKE WALLACE – 12/28/2008-12/2/2022 – Jake, your passing leaves a huge hole in our hearts and lives. You saved Sully when you came to live with us in February 2018. Sully was grieving the recent loss of his “pack”, rescues: SaraBeth (bladder cancer) and Ivy (kidney failure). Until you arrived, Sully wouldn’t eat or take walks; he laid on the closet floor and cried. You immediately became his “bestie” and life was good again. Like Sully, we all adored you, Jake. You were a Prince among dogs: friendly to man and beast, easy going, polite, trusting, curious and loving. I never understood why this was your 9th home in 9 years but was so happy you lived out your days with us. My appreciation goes to Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue who saved Jake when he was listed “free” on Craigslist in Knoxville in November 2017; and to his foster, Shirley Brantingham, who nursed him into good health: figured out his allergies, took care of his dental and medicated baths to help his coat grow in. Jake faced many health challenges over the past 5 years that were expertly addressed by Dr. Tonya White at the Appalachian Animal Hospital Hospital, allowing Jake to live an active, rewarding life. He enjoyed his weekly vet visits, seeing his favorite vet techs. Walks with Jake were a delight; he ambled. Neighborhood cats were the only reason to shift out of low gear. He rarely barked but as his vision failed, he became convinced that the neighbor’s black drain pipe was their cat, barking at it to no avail. Not just walks, but life in general with Jake was a delight: he was a big boy, a comforting presence, a calm, loving soul. Godspeed, My Dearest Boy. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.