Fostering saves lives! Have you ever considered fostering as a way to give back?? We would love for you to consider opening your heart and home to an English Setter in need. We provide guidance and support every step of the way. We even transport them to you!  All you provide is food, a warm home, some basic training, and lots of love. Fostering is a very rewarding experience, knowing you had an impact on an amazing turn-around for this animal.

To learn more about fostering, please check out this video created by the library of one of our board members. Above & Beyond is featured at the 3:39 mark.  VIEW VIDEO

Thinking About Fostering???

Before fostering, please realistically think about what you can handle and your limitations. It’s particularly important to consider the needs of all of the members of your family, including other dogs, cats and especially any children. Sometimes we have limited information about a dog coming into rescue; thus, you should have a good sense of what type of dog you are comfortable with. Please do not agree to foster a dog that you are not comfortable with.

For example....

  • Puppies are great with children, but they have a lot of energy and are a lot of work to train. They also need housetraining and potty breaks every few hours. Consider whether you have the means to meet the needs of a high energy dog that may not be well behaved and needs to learn a lot.
  • Adult dogs are often lower in energy than puppies, are more well behaved (have learned the ropes of what’s okay and not okay to do inside the home) but it may be hard to predict how they will do with children and strangers who enter your home.
  • Senior dogs are often well behaved, and mellow, usually requiring less work and training but providing all the rewards of dog ownership. Some of our foster dogs may have never lived inside a home and may need to learn house manners and may also need house training. Consider whether you are comfortable with each of these types of dogs.

The variety of foster homes and their preferences within A&B is wide. A&B embraces all the differences between our foster families and our different needs and stipulations, as between us all we are able to home the full variety of Setters needing our care. So, whatever your situation is please tell A&B what you are comfortable with. Your needs will be understood and respected.

For more information, please contact our team at

Please review our Foster Home Handbook to learn more. You can review our application process HERE.  Please note that we ask potential fosters to complete the same application process as potential adopters, so in the event you want to adopt your foster dog, there are no additional steps needed for you to complete. When filling out the application, please indicate on the form that you are interested in fostering.