MISS MAGGIE MAY BUTZ- 2010-2023 – Please share a brief sentiment to post with their picture. We said goodbye to Miss Maggie May from Mississippi today ???? our hearts are very sad and even our Aussie’s are mourning. We adopted Maggie almost 10 years ago from Above and Beyond English Setter’s. And when she came to live with us she adopted Steve as her person, she became hubby’s first dog. She had an amazing nose for hunting grouse and even learned the sounds they make so she would find them. She loved watching nature shows with me and sometimes would sit and watch TV with me for hours. She loved everyone she met and was incredibly easy to handle. She loved walking with us and even continued walking 1 mile until about a week ago. She loved when I would come home and would sit and bark at me until I gave her a treat of some kind. She was very loved and will be greatly missed in our home, it’s already too quiet without her here. RIP sweet Miss Maggie May!❤️❤️