JED BELLANDI – est 2006 – 2022 – Our Jed, our Jitterbug. He came to us at 14 years young after we sadly sent Honey Bear on ahead. He had been an outside dog his entire life and his owner had passed away. As soon as we were sent a video of him, asking us to foster, we knew he was sent by God and Honey Bear. We just knew right away that was our little boy. He soon realized how great a bed and soft blankets were. We brought out the puppy in him and he helped heal our broken hearts . He went everywhere with us and loved shopping, as well as frequenting the Ocala Drive-in. He was a hugger and a comedian. He loved his brother Jesse so much he would bark at him, it was the only time we heard his bark. He was a lover of raw goats milk every morning, and would not let you forget if snack time was alittle late. He loved couch time with his daddy and would do his best napping there. He loved to rub his head on anything, especially after eating. He loved quiet times on the bed with his mom, where she would always tell him how much she loved him. She would also tell him how much God loved him. He was a gift from God and he would always be protected, as God had in fact protected him outside all those years. He certainly went to heaven knowing all about God and his love. We miss and love him so much. He filled our souls with so much love, happiness, and peace on this earth. We were blessed to love him for 2 years, just truly and beautifully blessed. Mommy and daddy will see you soon, our precious little man.