JESSE KEISER – 3/4/2020 – She was 15 years old and was the most amazing girl ever. We adopted her from your organization on February 19th, 2006. She was an ‘only child’ for almost 6 years and she did everything with us – camping, walking, running, riding in the car – and she loved every minute of it. She was fostered in Iowa and when we talked on the phone her foster mom said ‘I hope you don’t mind her sleeping in your bed’. We laughed and bought Jesse her own bed, but from day 1 she insisted on sleeping with her people instead. That continued until her last day here on Earth, and we didn’t mind one bit. Jesse was the sweetest dog to us and our children when they were born. We loved her and she loved us unconditionally. Her presence is missed dearly, but the many years we had and memories we made will never be forgotten. Thank you to your organization for helping us to find our best friend. As we laid with her and helped her to find peace, we promised her that we would honor her by rescuing again some day. We believe she will send us a sign when there is another dog out there waiting to join our family. RIP Jesse ‘Roo Dog’ Keiser – 2005-2020