HOLLY BISCUIT HANRAHAN- 2009?-2022 – We picked up our Holly biscuit from a transport volunteer on February 27, 2014. Holly Biscuit jumped into my husband’s arms and into our hearts -she never looked back. Holly was a cruelty rescue from Kansas City Missouri. Her rescue journey was probably ordinary, but Holly biscuit was an extraordinary English Setter. During her eight years with us she showed us great resilience, personality, and warmth. Holly Biscuit loved to hide things she would always try to get your Jack Daniels when you weren’t looking, and she really loved her backyard. The physical and emotional scars Holly Biscuit carried were real. Her willingness to jump into our lives, to trust and love were no small gestures.When she slept, her lovely Setter face had a profound look of contentment and peace. For 8 years Holly had a lovely, warm, and safe place. During those 8 years, Holly brought great joy into our lives. Holly inspired us to rescue a second Setter, Lily. Lily and her family miss Holly everyday.