BRIE AB# 19-083-01 – F, 1 Year

Gender: Female

Age: 1 Year

Size/Weight: 24 inches tall/40 lbs

Color: White with orange belton

Breed: Bench English Setter

Socialization/training: Well socialized with people & dogs, house trained.

Good with Children: Yes

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown, can test

House trained: Yes

Crate trained: Yes but doesn’t like it & barks

Leash trained: Yes

Activity Level: Brie was rescued from a hoarding case in MD with 37 other dogs but amazingly enough she a very well-balanced sweet girl. She is a calm low energy girl that likes to snuggle with her humans & play with the other dogs. She likes toys & bones and will entertain herself. She enjoys daily walks and sees them as a time to be with her human.

Fence: Brie prefers to be inside with her human but will occasionally go out and run around the yard or wrestle with her foster dog brother. She is lower energy so could be leash walk only.

Behavior: Brie is a happy friendly girl who is a bit timid of new situations initially, but always very sweet, gentle, and well mannered. She likes baths, brushing, & will allow her nails to be trimmed. She rides great in vehicles too. She will need continued socialization to get familiar with new situations.

Medical History: Up to date on vaccinations, spayed, dewormed, on heartworm prevention & healthy

Foster Comments: Brie is a very sweet gentle calm girl who just enjoys human attention. She has good manners and doesn’t jump on people or the other dogs. She is currently in the house with 4 other dogs. She likes to go on walks & walks great on leash. She is a stunning girl with a blue eye & a brown eye that took her foster 3 weeks to figure out since they are both just so dark & pretty. She has beautiful markings, although it took the shelter many baths & an overall shave to get her looking & smelling good when she arrived. A few of her teeth were chipped but they were cleaned and are pearly white now. I work from home and she’s content taking a nap or playing with her toys. She is submissive to the other dogs & has gradually made friends, although she was a bit afraid of the extra-large dogs originally. She would be fine with kids since she’s very gentle or another dog to play with to keep her well socialized. She’s been going to doggy day care to get acquainted with new people & dogs and is doing well, although she’s was a bit timid initially. She’s not interested in birds, squirrels, or even other dogs on our walks. She is crated only while she eats & after 5 minutes starts barking and whining to get out. She has never chewed anything in the house besides my shoestrings on my dog walking shoes. Her best doggy buddy was a 10 month old Black Mouth Cur mix male I was fostering & they wrestled, shared toys & bones but never fought or showed any aggression with each other or the other 4 dogs in the house. She enjoyed playing keep away with him. She just barks at the other dogs trying to entice them to play. If new people come in the house, she barks a bit initially but shows no real aggression & lets them pet her a minute later.

Foster Location: Baltimore, MD

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