Adoption Process

The first step in adopting from A&B is to fill out an application at this link: Application

After receiving your application, our volunteers will talk with you, call your vet if you have other pets, and schedule a home visit. Assuming all goes well, you will be “approved” to foster or adopt with A&B.

Once a person becomes “approved”, a buddy is assigned to assist the potential adopter to find a best match.  The buddy will work with the potential adopter until the right setter is matched. Sometimes this match happens within days of being approved and in other cases the process can take much longer.

The foster home knows their foster the best and has final approval as to who will adopt their foster dog.  We encourage people who have interest in adopting a setter complete an application to become approved as soon as possible. Our incoming and available dogs are updated frequently.

Our adoption fees are $395 for pups under 1 year; $300 for adults 1 – 6 years old; $250 for dogs 7 – 12 years old; and for dogs over 12 it will be determined based on the dog and any ongoing health or medical requirements they may have.

A word from a foster parent about senior dogs:

The last time I fostered a senior dog, I end up adopting him. I fostered him for a year and at that time, he thought he was home and so did we. He went on to live with my son and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 at age 16. He went on daily walks and at the end of the walk would always lay down in the grass and smile. He chewed on toys and bones and was happy.

I normally try to foster younger dogs, because they get adopted more quickly and I feel I can help more dogs that way. But if a senior is in need, I will step up to foster. I guess I think like a lot of people do, that seniors may only have a few years to live. Having lost all four of my boys in less than two years I am a little shy about taking in an older dog. But I realize that I don’t know how much time they have or how much time I have. It’s about giving any dog, young or older, a chance with a family who will love them and give them a wonderful life.

Older dogs are wonderful and have so much to give. Maybe their family had to give them up due to reasons beyond their control. That dog is confused and the best thing for him is to find a family that can give him back the love he knew. Please consider adopting a senior. You will be so happy that you did.