Available Dogs

Dogs in this section are ready to be adopted and go to a forever home.  These dogs have received medical care and the foster home has completed a behavioral assessment.

Once a person becomes “approved”, a buddy is assigned to assist the potential adopter to find a best match.  The buddy will work with the potential adopter until the right setter is matched.  Sometimes this match happens within days of being approved and in other cases the process can take much longer.  

The foster home knows their foster the best and has final approval as to who will adopt their foster dog.  Only approved adopters are eligible to speak with a foster home or adopt one of our dogs.  We also cannot “hold” a dog until someone completes the application process.  We encourage people who have interest in adopting a setter complete an application to become approved as soon as possible. Our incoming and available dogs are updated frequently.

Our adoption fees are $395 for pups under 1 year; $300 for adults 1-6  years; and a sliding scale for 7 years and older.

To find out additional information on dogs in this section, click on their picture.  Another window will open displaying additional photos and the dog’s bio!

Words from a foster home: A word about senior dogs. The last time I fostered a senior dog, I end up adopting him. I fostered him for a year and at that time, he thought he was home and so did we. He went on to live with my son and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 at age 16. He went on daily walks and at the end of the walk would always lay down in the grass and smile. He chewed on toys and bones and was happy.

I normally try to foster younger dogs, because they get adopted more quickly and I feel I can help more dogs that way. But if a senior is in need, I will step up to foster. I guess I think like a lot of people do, that seniors may only have a few years to live. Having lost all four of my boys in less than two years I am a little shy about taking in an older dog. But I realize that I don’t know how much time they have or how much time I have. It’s about giving any dog, young or older, a chance with a family who will love them and give them a wonderful life.

Older dogs are wonderful and have so much to give. Maybe their family had to give them up due to reasons beyond their control. That dog is confused and the best thing for him is to find a family that can give him back the love he knew. Please consider adopting a senior. You will be so happy that you did.





Adoption Pending and recently adopted Dogs

When a foster home agrees their foster dog is a good match for an approved adopter, the foster dog is deemed “Adoption Pending”.  An adoption contract is sent to the approved adoptor and transport arrangements are made. The dog will remain in adoption pending status until transport to adopter is complete.  Once the adopter receives their dog, the dog will be removed from this section.






All the dogs below may NOT make it to the “available” section.

1-There could be behavior problems and/or health problems too severe for adoption.
2- The foster home may end up adopting their foster dog.
3- There are applicants that have been approved to adopt already, but missed out on the dog they were hoping for.
4- A volunteer transporter may have met the dog while transporting him/her, and has filled out an application already.

Please do not get your hopes up for any particular dog listed in this section.  







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Medical/Heartworm Treatment & Long Time Care

Our dogs listed below came into rescue with significant medical needs.  Many have been diagnosed with heartworm, and most endure months of treatment prior to becoming “available”.  Others came in emaciated with skin infections and poor body condition.  With medication, good nutrition, and lots of TLC, these setters will regain their strength and soon move the “Available” section.  Others may need surgery for tumors or  mobility issues which may require physical therapy and rehabilitation.  After health is restored these dogs will move to the available dogs section.  In select situations,  a dog may be close to completing medical care and begin accepting applications for adoption.  This will be clearly stated if applicable.  At times, a dog in our care is diagnosed with a terminal condition.  These dogs will be marked as hospice.  You may see the term “foster to adopt” under some dogs’ pictures.  These are dogs that approved adopters are fostering with the intention that this dog will be a forever match for them.  Once the dog is healthy enough to be adopted, the foster to adopt foster can officially adopt their foster.  If the foster to adopt dog does not seem to be a match, the dog will be moved to the available dog section.
 Medical care for these dogs is very expensive, and adoption fees cover only 28% of our costs. Would you consider making a donation before you leave this page? Donate here »