Available Dogs

Dogs in this section are ready to be adopted and go to a forever home.  These dogs have received medical care and the foster home has completed a behavioral assessment. To find out additional information on dogs in this section, click on their picture. Another window will open displaying additional photos and the dog’s bio!

Looking for Love in all the right places

Our dogs listed below are those who have been awaiting their forever homes for quite some time. These long time fosters, and courtesy post pups, are hoping to sweeten their deal (in addition to being plain old Sweet!) with a discounted adoption rate. See each dog’s biography for their discounted adoption fee

Adoption Pending and recently adopted Dogs

When a foster home agrees their foster dog is a good match for an approved adopter, the foster dog is deemed “Adoption Pending.” These are our most recent “Happy Tails.”


These dogs are currently being evaluated in a foster home. No further information is available until the evaluation is complete and the dog biography is written. Our foster homes always have the first option to adopt their foster dog.

Medical/Heartworm Treatment & Long Time Care

Our dogs listed below came into rescue with significant medical needs. Many have been diagnosed with heartworm, and most endure months of treatment. Others came in emaciated, with skin infections, or with fractures or other serious conditions. With medical treatment, good nutrition, and lots of TLC, these setters will regain their strength and will soon be ready for adoption. At times, a dog in our care is diagnosed with a terminal condition. These dogs will be marked as hospice.

Medical care for these dogs is very expensive, and adoption fees cover only 28% of our costs. Would you consider making a donation before you leave this page? Donate here »