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Volunteers are the heart of this organization!  We adopted a new logo in 2014 – two setters circled by hands – helping hands – the helping hands  of our volunteers!  From the board to our fosters, applications team to our web team, transporters to buddies – we all are volunteers.

There are many types of volunteer needed to make this rescue function.  Regardless of how much or how little time you have to share, there is a need that you can fulfill.

Applications Team and Buddies
If you enjoy working with people, consider joining our applications team or becoming a buddy.  The applications team receives the applications.  Initial contact phone calls are made to learn more about the applicant. Verification of veterinary care is completed. A home visit is completed to assure the applicant has a good environment for a setter to live.  You may like to help by completing home visits in your area. Then the application team reviews this information to reach a determination.

Once an applicant is approved, a Buddy is assigned.  The Buddy works with an approved adopter to help them find a setter that meets their particular needs.  The Buddy helps narrow the setters which meet the approved adopter’s needs and then coordinates contact between the foster Mom or Dad and the approved adopter to make the final match.  Buddy work is both fun and rewarding as you are part of so many “Happy Endings”.

Maybe you only have a little time available every once in awhile but want to help a setter in need.  Why not become a transporter?  Our transporters receive emails of setters coming through their areas.  These can be very scared and needy setters who are coming out of a shelter or situation and need rescue.  Or you could be helping a foster dog get to its new forever family!  The route the setter needs to travel to get from point A to point B is mapped out.  The route is broken up into 50 to 70 mile segments we refer to as legs.  A transporter signs up to volunteer to drive a setter on the leg that comes through or close to their area.  You meet a lot of great people and setters this way.  Transporting also becomes addicting!

If you love working with dogs and have the time and patience to work with a setter in need – consider fostering an A & B setter.  It is so rewarding to see the personality start to shine once the setter begins to feel comfortable.  It is a great feeling to know you made a difference in a needy or unwanted setter’s life.  Even though you know your foster is getting a great home, it is hard to say goodbye.  Just know there is another needy setter just waiting for a spot to come into and someone to show them kindness and love.

Website, Grantwriting, Search Team
Do you have a talent such as web design or maintenance, fundraising, grant writing, or even time searching out setters in need?  We sure can use your assistance.  These are only a few areas where A & B can use your help and talents. 

Does any of this interest you? Please Contact us if you have questions or interest in regard to volunteering.

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