April is National Heartworm Awareness Month

heartwormSo many of our rescued setters come to us heartworm positive and then need to go through a lengthy treatment and recovery process in their foster home before they can be adopted.

  • Did you know that heartworms can be transmitted by one bite from a heartworm-infested mosquito?
  • Did you know that heartworms are found in all 50 states?
  • Did you know that heartworms can be prevented through a relatively inexpensive dose of monthly heartworm preventative?
  • Did you know that the heartworm treatment and recovery for an infected dog is painful, not without risk and expensive?
  • Did you know that heartworms will eventually kill a dog, if left untreated?

Please click on the American Heartworm Society’s page to learn more about heartworms and what you, as a caring and concerned pet owner, can do.


Black Dog Coffee Fundraiser

Support Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue by treating yourself to some great coffee.  During the months of April and May, Black Dog Coffee Traders will generously make a donation to A&B ESR for every bag of their specially-labeled coffee sold to our supporters.

Black Dog Coffee Traders is dedicated to selling superbly roasted coffee blends from the best coffee regions in the world. Since their beginning, they have donated 5% of their profits to the AKC’s Canine Health Foundation for the purpose of canine cancer research. They also periodically further support their goal of “celebrating the canines that we spend our lives with” through donations to a limited number of other dog-related charities based on sales of coffee to the charities’ supporters. A&B ESR is lucky to be one of those charities.

Please help A&B ESR by buying setter-themed bags of coffee from Black Dog Coffee Traders this month.  Click on this link to go directly to the website»

Following are pictures of the coffee labels, each featuring one of A&B ESR’s alumni. (Thor’s, Lewie’s and Sweet Brinkley’s blends are available in either a caffeinated or decaffeinated variety.) 

Brinkley__94142_1489592208_175_280LlewiesThorRex French BrewBlack Dog Coffee Traders also sells coffee accessories.  If you use a Keurig coffee-maker, there is a reusable filter available on the website that allows this coffee to be brewed in a Keurig.

This generous donation and the opportunity to have these special setters cheering you when you make your coffee will only be available between April 1 and May 31 so do not delay placing your orders.

Thank you for supporting our English Setters.

Tastefully Simple Fundraiser

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Hello A&B volunteers and adopters,

I have been a volunteer with A&B for 11 years.   My favorite thing is raising a litter of puppies!   Who can resist puppy breath?  So when I saw the little pup who was found on the streets in Greece, I wanted to foster him.  After emailing Jennifer and learning the costs of getting the foreigners here, I decided to try a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs of flights. I enjoy food and Tastefully Simple products too so here are the details.

Below is a link to A&B’s fundraiser. You can place an order on the web site, pay by credit card and have itBaby Puppy3 shipped to your home. If you would be willing to take a catalog to work or ask friends to help our cause, I can send you catalogs and order forms. You can then send the orders and checks to me and I will submit. The fundraiser is closing Saturday, April 1.  Products will arrive before Easter. A spice shaker could be put in an Easter basket for someone on a diet or a diabetic. The drink buckets make a nice gift too!

Shop a little and raise some funds for Duke and the crew. For every $100 in sales (not including shipping), A&B will earn $25.  So if our fundraiser totals $2000, A&B will earn $500 for air fare or vet bills for the Greeks!

Thanks so much for all you do for the setters.

Here is the party link  https://www.tastefullysimple.com/p/11152902  to place orders. 

Any questions, email or call 717-580-5715. Feel free to forward to your friends.  

Happy Selling!

Ivy Logue and Duke

Smiling Setter Shop Fundraiser

Welcome to the Smiling Setter Shop, where you will find designs for discerning dogs and their humans. We make pet tags, pendants, charms, key rings, and necklaces in copper, brass and nickel silver. Everything is handcrafted in South Dakota. All profits go to support Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue.

This fundraiser runs year-round, but shop now for best selection! Shop here »

See our fun video »

Smiling Setter Shop

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

shop_4_homepageOrder Now – Deadline is October 15!

Please support our annual Above & Beyond Yankee Candle Fundraiser. Remember when we used to have Yankee Candle parties in our homes or get invited to them? Sadly, because we are spread out nationwide, it’s impossible to do the sales by having a party. The great thing is that you can order online, have your items shipped directly to you, and have your purchase benefit Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue. Some wonderful stuff in the online catalog just in time to start your Christmas shopping Our rescue receives 40% of every purchase to let us help more rescues. Shop on line at www.yankeecandlefundraising.com. If you don’t see the Above and Beyond page, sign on as a seller using this very important number 990027206 (this is what gives A&B the profit on the sale).















You are about to meet some amazing English Setters! Whether you are searching for your next best friend or just looking for information, we are here to help.

Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue (A&BESR) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization committed to saving English Setters. Since 2004, our efforts enabled over 1,500 homeless English Setters and English setter mixes to find their way into loving forever homes. Our adopted dogs reside in 49 of our 50 states, DC, and Canada. There are A&B foster homes in every geographic region of the country.

The English setters rescued by A&BESR are often found in shelters, as strays, no longer wanted because they do not hunt, or turned in by families who are no longer able to care for their setter. Once in rescue, our foster homes work with each dog to determine temperament, personality, and best type of home situation for their foster’s needs. All dogs receive basic vetting: spay/neuter, vaccines, and parasite testing /treatment. Many rescued setters have significant medical needs which require advanced medical care for heartworm disease, tumors, untreated breaks or fractures, etc. A&BESR provides for all medical care. Once restored to health, our setters are available for adoption.

Thank You for visiting. Before you go, would you consider making a donation to help us save another life?