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The official registration and financial information of Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue may be obtained from the Pennsylvania
Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania,  (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.
To all A and B adopters.  This rescue cares about our dogs from the day we hear about them needing help until
their last day on this earth.  Because we care, we expect every adopter to call us immediately to let us know that
their English Setter has escaped their clutches.  We can and want to help.  As an A and B adopter it is your
responsibility to make the phone call to someone on the contacts page and to send us an e-mail, if you have a
computer.  In most cases, with A and B's help, our English Setters have been back in their homes within 30
minutes.  When a dog is lost time is of the essence.  Please make a copy of the contacts page and tack it onto
your fridge.
Thank you Pedigree
for recognizing A&B
as a Rescue that cares and for the grant!
You will NEVER find this much love
anywhere else.

Sadly, due to lack of basic care, this sweet
girl is heartworm positive and has 2
mammary tumors that need to be removed
when she is spayed. It will cost $1400 to
meet her medical needs. Then she can move
forward as a happy, healthy girl bringing
love without measure to whoever is fortunate
enough to adopt her.

This dainty, gentle girl had never lived inside before Above and Beyond freed her from the shelter. Right away
she caught on to house manners. Inside she is quiet, lady-like and respectful of the residents. Arabella
approaches the other dogs in the home with just the right demeanor: playful and buds with the active younger
one, cuddly and low key with the older ones who just want to sleep.
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Effective March 1, 2014,
"Above and Beyond Transports" is no longer affiliated with Above & Beyond English Setter
"Above and Beyond Transports" is not covered under Above and Beyond English Setter
Rescue's insurance nor its 501(c)3 registration
All of Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue's transports are coordinated
directly through our Transport Coordinator, Jennifer Cloherty.
Male, 9 years old
We were asked to take Dibs into our rescue,
when his owner, who has cancer could no
longer care for him.
Unfortunately, Mr. Dibs should probably have
been released to rescue a bit earlier.
His first vet vist has already been over $500.00
and there will be many follow up visits,
medications, medicated baths, special limited
ingredient food, etc.
Our foster home was sent photos of Dibs from
his younger days and was anticipating this was
the shape he would be in, but he came to us
with obvious skin issues. It turns out Dibs has
major skin issues and nails needing to be
trimmed. Dibs WILL get back to his handsome
self with the special care our foster Mom give
him! It would be great to have a sponsor for
Dibs food (he will most likely need duck and
potato formula for his allergies) and sponsors
for his vet care to help him get well and feel
He is a very sweet Gent.
Update: December 2014
Dibs is being adopted in Feb 2015!
Look at how far Mr. Dibbs has come!
Thanks to your donations and his foster
Mom's love and care.