JESSE – Courtesy Post

JESSE – Courtesy Post – M, 7 Months

Jesse is a Courtesy Post. Please apply directly to his rescue via the application link at the bottom of his profile, or by emailing his Case Manager Angela (email at bottom of profile)

UPDATE, 8/9/19: Hi, everbody! It’s Jesse again. I’m now seven months old, and the time has flown by. Check out my new pictures to see how I've grown! It’s great here at my foster home with three other dogs, a human teen sister, and my foster parents. I’ve learned a few skills since my original posting. I can now sit, go in my crate when asked, and go outside to potty, and I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing these things! They were tough to learn, and it took me awhile, but now I’m a pro!

I wanted to update my progress now in the hopes that my Forever Family will find me. See, I do really like it here, but I’m having a hard time learning all the skills that I need. Some of the pups in my house distract me from being my best self, and I think I would thrive in a home with just one other dog or even with no other dogs. Maybe I can be the center of attention! I would love for my Forever Family to teach me new and fun things! I'm what they call a "Velcro dog" because I love staying right next to my humans. I'm cautious around strangers at first, but I will soon want to be their best friend! I just love having fun — my favorite activities are running, fetching, wrestling, chasing my foster siblings, eating, and crashing on the couch at the end of the day. I would make an excellent running, hiking, or agility partner. If you’re an active family looking for a fun, loving, CUTE puppy, I’m your guy! Please contact my case manager so that we can meet. I can’t wait!

Puppy kisses,


ORIGINAL POSTING: Woof, woof, everyone! I’m Jesse, and I’m looking for a fun and active adoptive family to love me forever. I was picked up as a stray by a county dog warden, and I spent some time at the shelter waiting to be reclaimed. But no one came looking for me. Can you believe that? I was listed as a spaniel mix, but I’m probably more setter with maybe some hound in there, too. Who knows for sure? But the nice folks at ESRA did know that a shelter was no place for a puppy, so I became an ESRA dog.

I’m now around four months old and I am living with my foster family, which includes three other dogs and a teenaged human. I particularly love wrestling with my husky foster sister, and I’m learning appropriate interactions from my malinois foster sister. At first, I thought all dogs enjoyed romping around together the way I do. I guess they don’t, and that’s okay because I’m really good at making human friends, too! I’m cautious around new people I meet, but then if they’re nice, I really love them! I’m happiest when my foster parents and siblings move around with me. Because I’m still a youngster with lots of energy and lots of things to learn, I would probably do best in a home with children older than twelve.

I absolutely LOVE playing, exploring, and just being busy. I am a puppy, after all! At the end of a long, active day, I cherish curling up with my foster parents. They’ve told me that at my new house, I may not be allowed to sleep in the people’s bed. But I’m okay with that because I’m working on my crate training skills, too. Since I’m still young and learning, my foster parents say that it’s very important for me to have a Forever Family that will be patient with my potty training (I’m trying really hard!) and tolerant of my silliness.

When I first came into foster care, I had worms in my tummy. Yuck! But the doctor gave me some medicine and I’m all healthy now. I also tested negative for heartworm and tick-borne diseases. I’m microchipped, and I’ve had the vaccinations appropriate for a guy my age. Next up? My neuter surgery. That happens in early June, so I’ll be available for adoption after June 10.

If you’re a fun, busy family who would love a sweet and adorable pup like me, hurry up and get your online Adoption Application submitted.



Location: Ohio

Rescue Contact and all inquiries for Jesse: Angela Mesarchik, Case Manager