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Margo needs your help!

Margo is a sweet 6-12 month old setter mix who found herself in a Florida shelter with a badly atrophied hind end and a left rear leg that was hanging limp and useless. She was riddled with bite wounds that were badly infected. The vets who have seen her think that she was probably hit by a car months ago and never treated. The folks at the shelter were told that she was being used as a bait dog by a horrible human to test which puppies he wanted to fight. Despite all the horror she has suffered, Margo is the sweetest, most loving, and affectionate girl you could ever meet. She is truly a lesson in love and forgiveness. At the shelter, Margo was friendly with all the other dogs she met, and even let the kittens climb all over her. She has loved and given kisses to every person she meets - young and old alike. Margo is now safely settled into her foster home and is healing well from the numerous bite wounds, but she still has a long road ahead of her..... X-rays revealed that she had multiple fractures in her leg, and the head of her femur has broken off and started scarring in a bad position that is causing her constant pain. Margo has had her operation to fix her injuries and all is going well for her. We expect her care including pretesting/exams, surgery, and rehab to soar to about $4000.00 Every donation will help pay for much needed care. Every penny will go toward that cause. Please help this wonderful girl live the long and healthy life she deserves!! Donations are tax deductible and we will send you a tax receipt. After Margo recovers, she will receive her spay surgery. She will then be ready to start her new life with her forever family! Please donate to make this a reality!
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