Sweet Puppy Maple

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Please won't you help me?

Poor Maple was thrown out of a moving car!

In Mid-September, Maple’s tiny, emaciated body was thrown from a moving car. A passerby witnessed something being thrown out the window and stopped to see what it was. The good Samaritan found Maple on the side of the road and took her to animal control. A & B was contacted and agreed to take her in, without realizing the severity of her medical problems. Maple went to a short-term foster who took her to the vet. There Maple was determined to be severely malnourished. She weighed a mere 20 pounds and could barely stand. Maple was too sick to get any vaccinations, but was given antibiotics, vitamins, and some high protein food, after she collapsed in the parking lot. Her transport to her long-term foster family had to be postponed, as she was too weak and sick to travel. During subsequent vet visits, there was some concern that she might have some problems with her liver, as noted by blood test results and some small seizures she had, and so Maple was switched to a low-protein diet. Once a little stronger, Maple went to her long term foster. There it was confirmed that she had a problem with her liver. They also noticed that Maple ‘bunny hopped’ and sometimes seemed reluctant to sit down. X-rays revealed that Maple’s spine had been broken and was starting to fuse itself back together. Maple is a very stoic dog, and you would never know that she had this type of painful injury. During the weeks that she was with her foster family, Maple’s personality really came out. She was playful with the resident dog and learned not to chase the cats. It was fun to watch her toss the tennis ball in the air and chase it herself. She loved lounging in her dog bed while happily chewing on a Nyla bone. Maple quickly made herself at home, she is a fast learner, very eager to please, and a real joy to be around. Maple had been through so much, everyone knew that something had to be done, to get her healthy again to give her a chance to have a long, wonderful life. After obtaining advice and estimates from several places, it was decided that Maple would have surgery to repair her liver shunt, but that her back would be left alone, as it was healing on its own and would be too difficult to repair at this point. Maple went to the University of Illinois-College of Veterinary Medicine, where she underwent a risky, 5 hour surgery. A stent was inserted and tiny coils were attached, to create a blockage, to block the abnormal vessel, during the delicate operation. Maple was able to leave after 3 days in the ICU, and it hasn’t slowed her down one bit. The staff at the U. of Illinois was charmed by Maple, and she was clearly a favorite of everyone who met her. Maple was overjoyed to be ‘home’ and continues to be the loving and playful girl that we grew to love. A GOFUNDME was set up to help with the cost of her expensive surgery. Many kind and caring people generously donated to her medical fund, and A & B is extremely appreciative of all the love and support she received. Maple is now a healthy 36 pounds and she will continue to get stronger over the next few weeks. Soon she will be able to be listed on the adoptable dog page, with the hope of finding the perfect family, who will love and cherish her forever.