JAVA ABIN#19-001-5 – M, 7 Months

Foster dog name:  Java (Java Monkey)

Gender: Male

Age: 7 Months (DOB 9/3/18)

Size/Weight:  35 lb and growing! 

Color: Tri color brown.

Breed: English Setter (mom) and most likely Golden Retriever (dad)

Socialization/training: Java appears to have been well socialized as a puppy. He is still shy in new environments, but has really been coming out of his shell in his foster home. He is beginning to learn "sit" for a cookie. He has some separation anxiety if left alone with out a dog pal to be with

Good with Children:  Most likely. He does not jump up on people and is fairly mellow for a puppy

Good with Dogs:  Java would prefer a home with a dog pal and hopefully playmate. He is learning to play tug and chase with his foster sister

Good with Cats:  Yes. He is curious about cats and a bit fearful of them. He spent an hour with a dog savvy cat and he did great!
House trained:   He is pretty good about going outside for potty. He still has an occasional accident. He has some signals such as going to the door and running up and down the hallway. He is still a puppy, so more frequent potty outings are needed

Crate trained:  I have crated him and he does not like it. He is fairly trustworthy being left out of a crate as long as he has his toys and his doggy pal to be with

Leash trained:  I walk him with a regular harness and he does impressively well if he has his dog pal to walk with him. He is a follow the leader type of pup

Activity Level: He is a puppy, but a mellow puppy! He seems more Golden Retriever in his activity level than English Setter. He loves chasing after a ball being tossed in the house, enjoys his walks and running in the yard with his foster fur sibling Sadie. He also does really well with car rides and can be trusted left in the car for quick in an out of a store, etc when Temperatures are appropriate.

Fence:   He does not really need a fenced yard because of his mellow nature. I suspect he could be trained for recall as well.
Behavior:  Java is a sweet and loving boy. He is treat motivated and I would recommend a Puppy Obedience class for him. He loves learning and while he is very well behaved and mellow, a basic obedience class would make him an even more awesome pup!  When he first arrived he would voraciously eat his breakfast and dinner. He now waits patiently for his meals and usually sits while he waits. He does not have a mean bone in his body and defers to my others dogs. He loves playing with his foster fur sibling Sadie and he really should have a home with another dog to play with and learn from

Medical History:  Java is current on all vaccines and tests. He has been maintained on Heartworm preventative and is neutered.  He is a healthy puppy and is at a good weight range at this time (he was skinny when he arrived). 

Java, along with his siblings, was born in a water runoff drain in Greece to an English Setter mom.  Being a puppy, he is less likely to have have been exposed to Leishmaniasis. He tested negative before coming to the US and has tested negative April 11, 2019.  However, Potential adopters must be willing to commit to annual testing for the next 7 years.  Your vet can draw the blood and send it to the lab.  The test typically costs $120-150 but varies from vet to vet. There is also a lymph node aspirate test that can be done once (vs 7 year testing). 

Foster Comments:  Java's foster mom dearly loves him.  If she did not already have 4 dogs, she would adopt him in a heartbeat. He is just an awesome little boy. He currently weighs 33lbs and is growing! He has the softest fur, and has a sweet, happy and mellow personality. He gets along with everyone and tries to be a buddy with all dogs. He likes cuddling and sleeps on the bed with his foster mom and his fur sister Sadie. He does pretty well with getting bathed. He loves playing with Sadie and preference will be given to an adoptive home where he has a fur sibling who will be his pal and play buddy. 
Adoption fee: $395.00

Foster Location:  Marietta, GA

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restriction