HONEYBEAR AB#18-178 – F, 15 Years

Foster dog name: HoneyBear

Gender:     Spayed Female

Age:           A Spry, Wise Little Lady  @ 15  But acts more like a 10 year old!

Size/Weight:    A Petite 30lb Pocket Setter

Color:         White with Ginger-Colored Ears as soft as Bunny Fur!    She also has a few  freckles to add to her charm!

Breed:          English Setter

Socialization/training:     Honey uses her BEST MANNERS when socializing with my BIGGER FUR KIDS!    They All out weigh her by 30+lbs!  She Shares Sleeping spaces, eats in the same room @ the same time as the  group and  enjoys outdoor adventures with the group!  She is cautious around the BIGGER kids if they start getting ROWDY but she is interested in watching and often even play bows like she’d like to mix it a bit with them!  She enjoys a good chewy toy OR bone for afternoon activity.

Good with Children:    Honey is  a VERY GENTLE SOUL and has taken a liking to our 6 month old Granddaughter.  She has not been around other children while she has been in our care BUT I feel she would be fine with  Children as long as they are respectful of her!

Good with Dogs:       Honey has been sharing  the outdoor area with our TRIO and has done VERY WELL!  She really does not interact with them while outside – She is all business!  But she does enjoy the  Outdoor smells, and has watched the birds and  even noticed several squirrels in the yard! She is not a digger, but when she first arrived she tested the space between the uprights on our fence, so if the  width would allow, I suspect she would venture out! After LEARNING the rules she has not  tested it further!

Good with Cats:       Not so much!   We have NO KITTIES here – BUT I visited  my daughter and had HONEY with me ......she has a resident cat AND they decidedly did NOT like each other!   I will admit that this particular cat likes VERY FEW dogs, humans, OR fellow  felines so I don ‘t really feel it was a true test!

House trained:      Honey is completely HOUSE TRAINED.   She does take a  tablet  2x a day for slight incontinence and it has been effective while under our care. She gets a bit antsy when needing  to go outdoors – THIS  IS HER SIGN!  She maneuvers the 13 steps off our deck and goes directly out to the yard to do her business!  She is not a dawdler!

Crate trained:      Honey goes into the Crate with NO PROBLEM!   She stays there when we leave the house but could probably be trusted to stay in the house without destroying anything @ all!   I have been crating her just because she seems to feel safer there when No One is home!

Leash trained:    Honey is Leash trained and LOVES to walk around the block and  visit  other doggie walkers and neighbors along our path!   She has the energy of a much younger dog and  is anxious to GO with  wherever we are going!  She is not a PULLER but does not heel either – She just likes to be in the lead!

Activity Level:     Honey is  an EASY KEEPER.  Her Activity level is  Moderate to Low.  She is NOT a jumper but will gladly share the couch with  you!  She will cuddle if that is what You need BUT if you need space she will give it to You!  She will BE THERE FOR YOU because she cares!  She will gladly accompany you on your  daily runs to the mail box, grocery, or park!  She LOVES car rides and  will ride shot gun OR stay in the back – whatever you prefer!  Like I said she is an EASY KEEPER!

Fence:     Honey does NOT require a fence but if you have one she would like IT!!  She would be fine with several walks around the neighborhood each day and  a good jaunt OR exploration @ the park!

Behavior:   Honey is Laid Back, Calm, QUIET (not a barker). sleeps in her doggie bed but does like to “nest” into it before settling down!   She is not a digger, comes with a boatload of toys and looks forward to a night time treat before bed!  

Medical History:    Honey takes a med 2x a day for incontinence and if  it is administered RELIGIOUSLY  she seems to have very few issues.   The system that is working for her is  a tablet in the AM feeding and a tablet in the PM feeding.  Take her out for potty breaks every 2-3 hours and  offer her enough time to void her bladder a couple of times while outside -   She had a few incidents when she first arrived but I  feel it was the stress of traveling and  the new surroundings were throwing her off!  She has settled in quiet nicely and I do not fear  accidents from her @ all anymore!

Foster Comments:   Honey is  a Wise, Little  Lady and will make someone a wonderful companion and friend. She has the SOFTEST  Bunny-like fur around her face and her SOULFUL eyes  can touch your heart if you give her a few minutes of snuggle time!   The vet has said she is in GREAT shape and a Sweet Gal that still has lots of love to give!  If you give this  Bear a chance she will shower you with  Honey kisses!

Adoption Fee: $75.00

Foster Location: Lititz, PA

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restriction