FLYNN AB#18-166- M, 10 1/2 months

Gender: Male
Age: 10.5 months (Feb 15, 2018)
Size/Weight: 41 lbs

Color: Orange & White

Breed: English Setter

Good with Children: There are no children in Flynn’s foster home, but he seems to get along well with everyone.  He is still an overgrown puppy and quite rambunctious, so he would probably be best with older children. 

Good with Dogs: Yes. Flynn loves other dogs.  He is currently in a home with 9 other dogs and he gets along well with all of them.  He doesn’t play and wrestle as much as some of his foster siblings, but he likes having other dogs around.

Good with Cats: Seems to be.  There are no cats in Flynn’s foster home, but he coexisted with a cat in his first home.

House trained: Yes.  Flynn knows to go potty outside.  He only had 2 accidents in his foster home and both times were foster mom’s fault because I didn’t pay attention to his signals.  He will bark at the door when he needs to go out.

Crate trained: Yes.  Flynn goes into his crate for treats and meals and settles down well once inside.  At night and when no one is home, he sleeps quietly in his crate, but he would rather be close to his people.  If he knows you are around, he wants to be with you rather than in his crate and he will let you know it!

Leash trained: Somwhat.  Flynn is a strong boy and still pulls on the leash if he gets excited or sees something he wants to go toward.  His new family will need to work with him of this.  

Activity Level: Active.  Flynn is a young setter and has the typical high energy of a setter pup.  He likes to run in the big yard and explore, but he does settle down very well in the house if he gets enough exercise.  If he doesn’t have enough exercise, he can be a little restless.  

Fence: Very Strongly Preferred.  Flynn really likes to run play in the yard.  It would be difficult for him to get adequate exercise without a fenced yard unless his new family are serious runners, hikers or take him daily to an off-leash park.

Training/Behavior: Flynn did get some basic training in his first home before coming to rescue.  He is house-trained and crate-trained.  He knows how to sit and is very attentive, but he also is an exuberant puppy and doesn’t always listen.  He does get excited and still jumps up on people to be close to them.  He would benefit from some continued obedience training with his new family.  He is a smart pup and wants to please, and he is very treat motivated, so he will learn quickly.

When you really want Flynn to listen, he responds best to his full name that his original family gave him – “Flynn Duncan McLeod”.  Sometimes when he is in the yard and I call his name, he doesn’t respond, but he pretty much always comes running if I call his full name or yell “Flynn Duncan!”

Medical History: Flynn has epilepsy.  He is on medication taken twice per day (9am and 9pm), and he is completely stable on his current medication.  He has not had a seizure in more than 4 months.  His seizure medication (with a coupon recommended by the vet) costs $22 per month.  Flynn also has some mild allergies – he eats a salmon-based kibble purchased from CostCo and has not had any itching or other allergic response in his foster home. He is up to date on all his vaccinations and on heartworm prevention.  Aside from his epilepsy, he is completely healthy, and he is in excellent body condition.

Foster Comments:
Flynn was surrendered to rescue by his original owners who had him since he was about 2 months old.  They were moving to a very small apartment with no yard and could not meet his exercise needs.  They did take very good care of him, and he came into rescue in very good condition and had obviously been loved.  

Flynn is a very loving setter.  He wants to be close to his people all the time, and he likes to be petted and gives hugs and kisses.  He can sometimes be a little overwhelming with his love and might knock over a smaller person.  We are working on not jumping up unless invited, but he can’t quite control his enthusiasm yet.  He is generally well behaved in the house – he loves to chew on bones and play with toys, but he does not chew on furniture or other inappropriate things.  Flynn particularly loves to play tug of war with a rope toy and will play as long as you are willing to accommodate him.  He shares his toys well with his foster siblings and will play with them also.  He is alert to the cues from other dogs and is respectful of his foster sisters when they aren’t in the mood to play.

Flynn is a very sweet boy and will be an extremely loving and loyal companion to his new family.

Adoption Fee: $395.00

Foster Location: Temperence, MI

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