CLEMENTINE aka ROO-STER – AB#19-044 – F, 2 1/2- 3 Years

Foster dog name:  Clementine  aka Roo-ster   A&B #19-044

Gender:  Female

Age:  2.5 – 3 years

Size/Weight:  43 lbs.

Color:  Reddish or as us girls like to say -  AUBURN  - with  Betty Davis  (amber)  Eyes!  - a delicate Splash of white on her chest & neck, and two LEFT paws are tipped in white, too! 

Breed:  Assumed to be BOYKIN SPANIEL – thus, she is an HONORARY ES . Came from a SE Hunting Preserve

Socialization/training:  Very sociable, loves other dogs, kids, car rides, walks and play time – working on simple commands/ has mastered SIT and DINNER!  She was Excellent @ the Groomers and is ready to accompany her people whenever invited!  She quickly assimilated into the FOSTER HOME and has never been in a scuffle with any of the others in the PACK!  This LITTLE ROOSTER is a quick study and will learn what is expected of her very readily!   She is eager to please and willing to accept guidance from her human – she is sensitive to harsh correction so; Please, EASY does It!   She will reward you with Loyalty as long as you lead and gift her some LOVE and simple pleasures!  

Good with Children:  Excellent manners around youngsters  and adults!   Might be a bit too much for a very elderly individual because of her exuberance and excitability.  She is a wriggler! 

Good with Dogs:  Sleeps in same room with the FOSTER pack, eats in the same room, gathers some toys from the community box without incident – Never causes any ruckus! 

Good with Cats:  Unknown

House trained:  Absolutely!   She has an adorable  “ ROO “   she uses to call attention if she needs to get outdoors

Crate trained:  Yes, she is OK in the crate BUT prefers to be left in a single room or to roam.  She resists the crate entry but enticed with TREAT/COOKIE and a wee push she will enter and stay there quietly.

Leash trained:  Yes, she is able to be walked on the leash without strong pulling – however she has the wanderers’ arch (LEFT then RIGHT then back again!) .... I think she could be trained to heal if owner pursued it!   She LOVES her adventures outside of our fenced area and is leash walked all around our neighborhood looking @ birds and other eye catching items (leaves, paper, debris, rabbits, squirrels) – she is alert the whole time!   READY TO GIVE CHASE IF SHE WERE ALLOWED! 

Activity Level:  This Little Lady is BIRDY and wants to investigate all the Bird visitors every morning by 6 AM!  She will “work” our back yard until I call her in for breakfast about 7 AM and then she wants to go out again for a quick check of the lot.  She then will come in for a morning nap OR a bit of play time with the indoor toys.  We have a PHYSICAL Fence and she tried to escape the first few weeks but respects the boundaries, currently!  She is REALLY working on her RECALL command and is getting better each and every day!   She has a LOVE of life and is ready to please! 

Fence:   A physical fence of @ least 4 ft is, of course, preferred because this Girl is ACTIVE and inquisitive!  However, if a large chunk of acreage is controlled by Invisible Fencing AND the owner is out with Clementine, I feel she would learn her boundaries and will want to FOLLOW her person!  It will take TIME, Patience and Gentle Persuasion but I think Clementine is BRIGHT enough to get the message and learn the logistics of an IF, if it gives her ample space to run off steam!   BUT if left unattended she will try her best to find a critter and the GREAT CHASE will be on!  She is learning the boundaries of our FRONT LAWN as she is allowed to ‘feel’ the freedom of getting past our physical fence for brief amounts of time each afternoon!   She is relaxed and willing to watch the others in the pack and has responded to leash restraints in the front yard. I do NOT think leash walking alone will be sufficient to keep this pup exercised and out of trouble ...she needs to RUN off her energy and when she does, she sleeps through the night and naps in the afternoons!   I am NOT a Runner but she might be ok as a companion for a jogger if she has the chance to REALLY RUN for a few times a day! Beware:  If Boykins are not exercised thoroughly they have a tendency of finding a way of getting rid of the pent up energy and usually it is not something the HUMAN in their life would like to see!  (ie; chewing shoes, furniture or being destructive in other ways! )   She has been corrected for doing this in Foster Home and is HAPPY to take direction with an alternative chew toy! 

Behavior: This Fur Baby is Attentive & Listens to the human voice but is also a bit independent & stubborn, especially when she is acting on her BIRDY IMPULSES!   She asks for PETS and snuggles but has not yet jumped on humans OR furniture OR beds – she is content on one of the many dog beds within the household.  She is OVER THE TOP Excited for meal time and does a wee little Irish JIG (could she be part Irish? probably not but she is RED!)  and also “ROOs” when her food bowl appears!  She is learning that she must SIT before she is served - even though it is a very brief SIT @ this point, I feel she will acquire this skill soon! She is also learning the DOWN command ..... she does not counter surf (did @ first but that was because she was starving!)  and is a healthy eater!  NOT PICKY! 

Medical History:  UTD on all vaccines and Spay is scheduled for mid April and will be done before transport is scheduled.  She is on Heartguard and Frontline, every month! She is microchipped.

Foster Comments:  This Girl is a quick study and fast learner!  She is eager to please and the PERFECT size @ 43lbs!  She has impeccable manners and is sensitive to correction BUT can be stubborn and VERY BIRDY , especially in the early AM and evening hours!   If she gets a good scent for a critter she will pursue it and could be gone in a flash so it will take a skilled owner to get her to recognize commands and stay safe!  Clementine came from a hunting preserve in the SE.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location:  Lititz,  PA  

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restriction