BRADON #18-041 – M, 4 Years

BRADON #18-041 – M, 4 Years

Foster dog name:  Bradon  (Braydone)

Gender:  Male

Age:  4yr  (approx.)

Size/Weight:  49 pounds

Color:  Mostly white with caramel ticking throughout and full caramel colored ears!

Breed:  English Setter

Socialization/training:  Bradon is Mr. Friendly with everyone he meets. Very Social but he is jumpy…much better than he was 4 months ago but still jumps up to say “Hi.”  I am not a trainer. But he knows “sit.” He knows “come” but chooses when to obey. He knows “kennel up.”  He knows “off.” He knows what “cookie” means…but when he is in pursuit of a birdie even the command “Cookie Come” gets no response.  

Good with Children:  Yes. Recommend 10 years or older…or parents who will supervise diligently.  I believe he would do find with smaller kids…but he doesn’t realize his size and how a little nudge could land a small child on the floor.  He just needs to be taught to slow down.

Good with Dogs:  For the most part yes.  Does not get along with dominant males and will fight back if necessary.  Gets along with all of my female dogs – nine females in various sizes and ages.

Good with Cats:  No. Strong Prey Drive.

House trained:  At this time I would say yes, but I have a doggy door. So Bradon has learned to use the door and I have not seen him do any marking in the house for months. (He arrived shortly after being neutered and there were a few accidents.) 

Crate trained:  Yes.  He sleeps in his crate at night.  He spends sometime in the crate during the day when I rotate which male gets to go outside.  He does some barking while in the crate during the day when I am home.  When I am at work I “think” he only barks at the birdies!

Leash trained:  No.  Strong puller…But happy to be out walking.

Activity Level:
     “Is there on off position on this boy?”  Bradon LOVES spending time walking, running, and playing in the backyard.  He keeps an eye on all of the bird activity – flying over, sitting on the powerlines, sitting on the fences – Bradon knows where each and every bird is located. Oh and those poor squirrels! They can’t go anywhere without Bradon reporting their whereabouts!  Luckily my backyard is like Alcatraz and no bunnies nor chippies can get in.  If they did accidently enter, Bradon, I am afraid, would take care of them! 
     Note: I foster a Chihuahua…long haired bunny rabbit looking dog…Bradon and she are best buddies.  She likes Bradon and tap dances to get him to play with her…He will play bow but then walks away….”How can I play with something this small?”

     Bradon has another girl friend, Dixie, an English Setter. Dixie is 11-12 yrs. old and the two of them get into gentle mouth sparing and body sparing play! Tails are always wagging when they are together.
     When the day is drawing to a close is when Bradon starts to mellow.  He loves belly rubs, snuggling on the sofa, head rubs… basically any attention he can get.  As I type this bio he keeps coming back to my side and asking for loves.  He is very persuasive and bumps my arm up to let me know he is there! 

Fence:  Knowing how much Bradon loves to be outside I would recommend, at minimum, a 3-4 foot high chain link fence. I also believe he could easily be trained to respect the invisible fence. 

Medical History:  He is up-to-date on shots. He has been through the four month treatment for heartworms and all results are great - - - -HW Negative.

Foster Comments:  Bradon needs food, exercise, lots of attention, and sleep.  He is an all around happy boy who is a delight to come home to. When he was going through the heartworm treatment he was a hit with all of the vet techs!! Mr. Friendly!  I will miss him asking for attention…my kooky boy!

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Rochester, MN

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog  

BRADON #18-041 – M, 4 Years