BIA ABIN#19-022 – F, 2 Years

Foster dog name: Bia 

Gender: Female

Age: 2 y

Size/Weight: 29# +

Color: Tri

Breed: English Setter

Socialization/training: Bia is DEAF. She loves everyone she meets, is very friendly and loves attention.  Being deaf is not the handicap many people believe it to be.  She will learn whatever signals you teach her.  It doesn’t need to be American sign language.  She is quick to pick up what you want her to do.

Good with Children:  I have not had her around children but see no indication that she wouldn’t love them also

Good with Dogs:  She is living with 4 other dogs and has met others.  She gets along fine with all of them

Good with Cats:  We spent ~20 minutes on my sister’s porch with her cat.  Initially, Bia eagerly wanted to see the cat but the cat jumped up on the table and Bia lost most of her interest in it.  There was no active chase the cat activity so I think, with time, Bia and a cat could coexist.

House trained:   yes, unless we wait too long to take her out.  She will pace and go to the door

Crate trained:  I have not used a crate

Leash trained:  I use an Easywalk halter from Petsafe that clasps on the chest and relieves the pull on the neck.  She doesn’t heel but will range side to side.  She responds to a gentle tug.

Activity Level: For example, Playful? Laid back?, etc.  She is a mix of all activities from being a quiet gentle love bug to being a speed ball outside.

Fence:   A fence is REQUIRED.  Bia is mostly deaf.  She can hear loud sharp noises but not normal voices.  She will love the freedom of a fenced yard with supervision but will never be an off-lead dog otherwise.

Behavior:  Bia loves to run and play with the other dogs.  She would probably do great as a jogging buddy.  She is fine being left alone but loves to cuddle and soaks up attention. She loves to chew on rawhide (US made from - irregular specials), toys, toys and more toys,shoes, clothing….still a lot of puppy in her. She will sleep on the floor in a dog bed or preferably next to you in bed.   She will wait to be invited up…the first time !

Medical History:  Bia is in serious need of groceries to add some weight.  She was in poor shape when rescued off the streets in Turkey but since then her blood work, fecal etc have returned to normal.  She’s been on meds for itchy ears but there was no real sign of infection.  She takes her ears drops like a champ.  She is HW/fecal negative.  She had a Trifexis 3/1/19

Bia is from Turkey where Leishmaniasis is endemic. She has tested negative, But the parasite can remain dormant in the system.  Potential adopters must be willing to commit to annual testing for the next 7 years.  Your vet can draw the blood and send it to the lab.  The test typically costs $120-150 but varies from vet to vet.

Foster Comments:  Bia is a true love and will make someone a wonderful family member.  She will just need a little patience and understanding until she gets settled. It would be hard to find a sweeter little girl.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location:  Edisto Island, SC

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restriction


BIA - Turkish Rescue - F, 2 Years