THOR (Courtesy)

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Gender: Male
Age: 1 year
Size/Weight: 106 pounds
Color: White with tan markings
Breed: Lab mix

Socialization/training: Very friendly with every person he meets – he has a great personality. Knows sit & paw – but he’s not great at giving you his full attention. He is very high energy and needs work on leash & a little bit of work on manners.

Good with Children: Yes – Theo loves children and has played with his current owner’s young nieces often. However, interactions should be supervised due to his size and energy level.

Good with Dogs: Yes, Theo loves to play with other dogs of all sizes, but he does play a little bit rough so should be supervised around small dogs. Theo shows a little bit of food aggression but is fine with sharing toys.

Good with Cats: unknown but probably not.

House trained: Theo is completely house trained & will let you know when he needs to go outside.

Crate trained: Yes, but he doesn’t like it. He makes a bunch of noise at first but then settles down and sleeps through the night.

Leash trained: Theo definitely needs some work on his leash manners – he’s very strong and needs a firm walker to keep him from pulling.

Activity Level: Theo is very high energy. He LOVES toys an there is nothing he loves more than to run and play, but he also settles down for a cuddle on the couch in a calm atmosphere.

Behavior: Theo is pretty well behaved for a dog his age. He needs a little work on leash, some commands and listening. He is very vocal and could also use a little work on manners. However, he does settle down when in a calm atmosphere. He loves to cuddle and lay on the couch with his favorite human. He plays well by himself and with other dogs & people but he does play a little rough so should be supervised.

Medical History: Theo is up to date on age appropriate vaccines, is neutered and in good health.

More Comments: Theo is such a sweet and friendly boy. However, he is very big & strong and has so much energy – not uncommon for a 1 year old lab mix. He is pretty well behaved and just needs someone with a little bit of patience to finish his training. He needs to work on leash, manners and jumping up. He has a great personality and will make a great addition to a family with children & other dogs, but he would also make a great companion for a single owner or a couple who have the time & energy to spend with him. Theo has spent the first year of his life living in a small apartment with an owner who loved him very much but didn’t have a lot of time to spend with him. He is healthy and well taken care of, but needs someone with more space and more time.