REGGIE aka Reggie the Adventure Dog (courtesy posting)


Video Reggie playing with friend

Gender: Male, Neutered
Age: About 5-6 years
Size/Weight: 60 pounds
Color: Black and White
Breed: English Setter

Socialization/training: Reggie has been to basic dog obedience training. He’s been living in the city where he really enjoys visiting with neighbors and dog friends. He is very instinctive and can become stubborn when he sees prey. He becomes alert when loud cars, trucks with trailers, and motorcycles pass by.

Good with Children: Although he can be a little clumsy around little people, Reggie really enjoys attention from children of all ages. He loves to smell babies. They are curious and interesting! He’s been exposed to many children from age one to young adults and has only encountered gentle children so we don’t plan to put him in a home where we will “test his tolerance” levels for bad manners like ear pulling. My nephew once climbed on him while he was sleeping and Reggie let him know this is unacceptable. He becomes stressed when little people get rowdy or make a bunch of noise.

Good with Dogs: Reggie enjoys playing with other dogs and is quite the gentleman when he plays with dogs smaller than he. He’s really enjoys having other dog pals who accept that sometimes he’ll be more concerned with birds and nature when outside. He would enjoy having a friend in the home, but would get along best with a female or non-dominant male. He was bitten by an unleashed, unneutered dominant male dog while we were doing a leash walk and has been reactive ever since.

Good with Cats: No, Reggie has a strong prey drive and will try to harm cats.

House trained: Absolutely! Reggie will only make a mistake in a home if he is sick, stressed, or if you allow other dogs to potty in your home. 

Crate trained: Yes. He is very sad to be separated from his humans with a crate. He’s such a good boy who prefers you to allow him to rest outside of the crate while you’re gone, and has earned my trust to do so.

Activity Level: Reggie is a classic Setter: Active outside and settles wonderfully inside. He would love to have a big yard where he can explore and catch some rays. It would be good for Reggie to go on plenty of walks so he can say hello to the neighbors or take hikes. We mustn’t forget his strong prey drive. His FAVORITE activity is using his nose. Considering his reactivity to unneutered males, the dog park is not a comfortable place for Reggie.

Fence REQUIRED: Reggie requires a fenced yard and supervision because if you’re not around to help him redirect this energy, he capitalizes on the opportunity to roam free! Reggie can stand up to a fence that is four foot tall but will not jump.

Behavior: If Reggie could talk, he would tell you how much he appreciates learning what it means to be hugged and petted, and that he might be more of a cuddler if someone had only given him that kind of love when he was a puppy. He occasionally curls up by my side or in bed with me.

Reggie has a wonderful temperament and doesn’t hold his past against anyone in the human world. His life goal is to find a family that can honor his need for mental and physical stimulation, but make sure that he included as a real member of the family who can be part of your regular activities. He would do well with a family who has had lots of experience with training Setters using positive methods and who feels they have lots of time to give to him. He plans on cashing in on all those years he missed out on love and adventure while living on the chain!

Given his past, Reggie can’t help but to get vocal in the car and hopes that his next family won’t mind how exciting it is for him or that you will continue to work with him on this. I can’t tell if he’s overwhelmed or excited to go!

Medical History: Reggie developed arthritis from the dysplasia in his rear right hip, and will need to be with a family that plans on medicating and/or doing therapy so he can live the long Setter life he deserves. He is allergic to potatoes, sweet potatoes and chicken. Potential environmental allergies. Heartworm negative.

Other Comments: Reggie had a rough start at life and lived outside on a chain and concrete slab for at least four years in a rural area of Kentucky. When he arrived at the shelter, he had a callous on his chest that had to be surgically removed. Weak and weary, I helped him gain a much-needed 20 pounds. I adopted Reggie with the intention of making him my lifelong family member and I am proud of the hard work I’ve done to show Reggie what life can be like as a beloved pet, including lots of training, socialization and caretaking. Now that he’s been exposed to many types of social settings, animals, and so on I have an idea of where he would thrive.

Reggie would be best suited for a single individual, couple, or family with older children who plans to spend a lot of time engaging with him. An apartment is not appropriate for his energy, and he must go to a home that will regularly walk him and provide him a large yard. He could probably become mischievous if placed on a farm (or any home) where he will be mostly unattended.

Reggie does not respond well to harsh commands, and REQUIRES an experienced owner who has just the right amount of determination and consistency to further his training with positive methods. He is food motivated, but can become fixated on prey and forget about the aromatic treat in front of him.

He would appreciate a climate like Kentucky or cooler, as the hottest parts of KY summer seem to really wear him out!

He is a beloved member of the community where he resides and it’s been emotional for folks in town to hear that we are looking for his truly forever home now. Why did we change course? Reggie, more than any other dog in the world, deserves a pie-in-the-sky life. He lived life from a chain where he couldn’t truly enjoy the outdoors and now he’s watching the world pass him by from inside an apartment. We became a one-human family with no yard. He deserves consistency and time that Setter’s thrive on, and right now I don’t provide this to him.

It’s humbling to be the first person he ever attached to, and even more humbling to learn about the nature of the breed and what it takes to be a Setter owner. Even though it will be a sad farewell, I can promise you he is going to love YOU even more for providing him the family and outdoor time, consistency and stimulation that he deserves. Are you his forever home?

Location: Kentucky. I believe it will be less traumatic for Reggie to find a home in or near Kentucky, but all applicants will be considered.

Reggie’s Mom has requested we screen potential adopters. Therefore, please fill out our application.

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