Sugar ABIN#18-162-8 – F, 2 1/2 Years

Foster dog name: Sugar

Gender: female 

Age:  2-3 years old

Size/Weight:  medium/small  - 32 pounds

Color: brown & white 

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Good with Children: Prefers older children, as youngsters might bring out her shyness if they approach rapidly

Good with Dogs:  Loves them

Good with Cats:  unknown

House trained:  completely

Crate trained: yes, crates quietly

Leash trained:   yes, but does better in a harness in case she may shy at traffic

Behavior:   She is a little timid initially, but very loving once she gets comfortable.  She gets along well with other dogs and tends to follow their lead.  She also LOVES a comfy corner on the couch and lots of pets.

Activity Level:  Mellow indoors but playful if interacting with other dogs

Fence:  Required because if she were frightened, she might run off and not come when called.

Medical History: Up to date on all shots, spayed, HW- and healthy. Good weight. Sugar is from Greece, where Leishmaniasis is endemic. She has tested negative, But the parasite can remain dormant in the system.  Potential adopters must be willing to commit to annual testing for the next 7 years.  Your vet can draw the blood and send it to the lab.  The test typically costs $120-150 ?

Foster Comments:  Sugar is a really easy foster.  She came from Greece with 5 English Setters, all in a bad situation there.   She loves pets & attention but doesn’t demand it.  She plays chase & cuddles with the resident female hound, sleeps quietly crated at night and hasn’t had an accident in the house at any time while being fostered.  Shy so if grabbed at, she runs away to hide under the table or in her crate. But if a kind voice and welcoming pat on the leg is used, she runs up all waggy tailed for attention.  Fine with group petting where everyone greets the humans at the same time in the morning.  She likes being groomed, is fine in the car, and is just wonderful little pocket princess.  

She has no food or toy aggression but she does eat her meals quickly, probably because of her history as a stray.  She loves getting invited up on the couch to just hang out with the humans, but prefers even more to jump up on the day-bed next to her foster sister.  Though the resident dog isn’t usually touchy-feely, she puts up with Sugar’s company & attention.  Her idea home would be one with at least one other dog, kind words, a soft bed and time to get attached to her new folks and bloom into a wonderful dog.

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Aston, PA

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restriction