BLITZ (Blitzen) AB#17-039


Gender: Male
Age: 9 months
Size/Weight: Medium (~30lbs)
Color: Black & White
Breed: English Setter/Blue Heeler Mix

Socialization/training: Blitz is a very quick learner and knows most basic commands. He will come, sit, lay down, fetch, roll over, shake, and be quiet. For such a young dog he is very obedient and pays close attention to his humans.

Good with Children: He is very high-energy and is a very oral dog (as are all Heeler mixes), so would not be suitable for a home with small children or children who haven't been around dogs.

Good with Dogs: Yes, he is best friends with my senior setter (age 15) and gets along very well with all of the other dogs.

Good with Cats: Yes, although he has herding tendencies and will chase sometimes. He learned quickly to be respectful of our cat though, and hasn't been aggressive - annoying would be the best description.

House trained: Mostly; so long as he is let out periodically he won't have accidents. He will also pee out of fear occasionally, but that will most likely stop once he feels more secure.

Crate trained: Yes, he does well in the crate and has had no accidents. He stays very quiet for the most part.

Leash trained: Yes, although he isn't perfect since he's still a puppy. He learns boundaries quickly though and is very gentle.

Activity Level: Highly active, although he will entertain himself if given some toys and space. He has bundles of energy and enjoys playing. He will chase toys around for hours and will even throw them in the air so he can run after them. He needs a home that is active and/or allows him to run for long periods of time each day.

Fence REQUIRED: A fence is required as he needs room to exercise and be playful. The only alternative would be if he went to a running home, as he would be a great partner once he got into a routine and that would provide him with the energy outlet he needs. He hasn't had any issues with climbing my 6ft chain link fence.

Behavior: Blitz attaches to people very deeply. He is quick to recognize "his" humans and will follow you around all day. Once he has had some exercise, he is very laid back and loves to cuddle. He will do best in a home with someone who wants a deep bond with their dog. He is incredibly intelligent and has a lot of respect for the people he bonds with, which makes training a breeze.

One thing to mention is that he can be mouthy. He will not bite at all, but he will put his mouth around various things. Heelers are bred to herd cattle and other livestock, so most have this tendency. It is something that can be trained away fairly easily, but may take some time since it is natural instinct.

Medical History: Blitz is neutered, heart-worm negative, up-to-date on shots, and microchipped.

Foster Comments: Blitz is really a gem of a dog. Introducing a young foster into a home with primarily older dogs can be hard, but his intelligence and loving personality made for an easy transition. He attaches to people so well and will be a loyal companion for the rest of his life.

I also personally have never seen a dog learn commands so quickly or pick up on vocal cues as well as he does. He is highly intelligent and would be perfect for a home that will exercise his mind through training and care. He would be an excellent agility dog also, if his new home was interested in that.

Adoption Fee: $395.00

Foster Location: Columbus, GA
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.