ARWEN AB#17-037


Arwen in yard

Gender: Female
Age: 1.5- 2 years
Size/Weight: 35#, but skinny. Could gain 5#'s
Color: White & Black
Breed: Eng Setter

Good with Children: No young children. Otherwise, unknown. Arwen doesn't seem to have a sense of other people's space. She walks right over and steps on our senior Eng Setter laying on the floor. I suspect she would be the same with children. Foster home does not have children, so don't know how she would be with pre-teens.

Good with Dogs: Yes. Arwen is a whimp. If a dog challenges her, she just tries to get away. She will play a little bit with our dogs. She enjoys chasing our Gordon Setter around the yard.

Good with Cats: Yes. Current foster does not have cats, but Good Samaritan who found Arwen did. Arwen spent a few days in that household. Arwen was curious, but essentially ignored the cat.

House trained: Somewhat. She has not pooped in the house. She seems to pee many times a little at a time. She will go to the door or start walking in circles which seems to indicate she needs to go out. But if you're not quick, she'll pee inside. She seems to prefer our throw rugs to the hardwood floors. So I would suspect if you have wall to wall carpet, she would not be a a good fit for you.

Crate trained: Yes. Although needs a little coaxing, she will go in the crate. She will then proceed to whine oh so pittfully, it breaks your heart. But that only lasts maybe 10 minutes and she settle.

Leash trained: Although she doesn't pull hard, she is all over the place. She tends to walk in circles, so if you have a problem with balance, she could easily wind around you and trip you. She is better on a longer lead. She does not want to "heal".

Behavior: Our nick name for Arwen is "Toggle". Like a toggle switch, she is "on" or "off". No in between. Outside, she is go, go, GO!!!! Oooh, there's a butterfly, ooh, there's a bird's shadow, ooh, ooh, so much to chase. She tends to stay in the same place in the yard chasing shadows. Her tail is constantly wagging. She can do that all day, with just a break for water.
Once she is tired out , she'll come inside and the switch turns to "off". She is down for the count and sound asleep.
Arwen loves to be near you in the house. She will follow you around. She enjoys laying on the couch with you and is an excellent sleeping partner. Sometimes she rolls off the bed though. What goes bump in the night? Arwen falling off the bed.

If you don't allow her on the furniture with you, she will just stand next to you...and stand some more...and stand some more. She doesn't seem to know to lay down and relax.

Overall, Arwen is a well behaved affectionate girl. She only needs a soft correction to stop her from getting into things she shouldn't.

Activity Level: Very active. She definitely needs her exercise in order to settle in the house. She is always "on" while outside. She doesn't sit in the shade and enjoy the smells, etc. She is always moving outside. We think she is fascinated by shadows because of her partial deafness. That seems to be a common characteristic of deaf dogs.

Arwen tends to pace in circles inside and outside. We suspect this is a habit formed by being on a short tether outside in her previous life.

Fence REQUIRED: No electric fence. Although Arwen is very active/busy, she doesn't really need a large yard. She is happy circling the same area to chase the shadows. But because of her quick, short, multiple peeing habits, she needs to be outside often and it would be too much to take her for walks every time she signals she needs to "go". Once she is cleared for exercise again (recovering from spay surgery), we will teach her the doggie door. That may be the answer to give her access to pee as many times as needed by having access to the fenced yard at will.

She respects a 4 foot fence. She usually doesn't even go near the fence line because the shadows are under the trees and so much more interesting. She is too soft a dog to be trained to the invisible/electric fence.

Medical History: Arwen seems to be a healthy young lady. She may be partially deaf. She is up to date on vaccines, spayed, and microchipped.

Foster Comments: We believe Arwen is either deaf in one ear or hard of hearing. We haven't quite been able to figure it out. She can be asleep and we call her name or yell and there is no reaction. Same with outside. But if we clap our hands, she seems to hear that, but can't judge what direction it came from. So to get Arwen's attention, we clap our hands and this happy girl comes running to us.

She is a sweet, sweet soul. Not a mean, dominate bone in her itty bitty body. If you can give her the outside activity during the day she craves, then she will cuddle with you all evening.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Cedar Grove, TN
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.