TUCKER – FL AB#17-034


Gender: Male
Age: 3-4 years
Size/Weight: 59lbs
Color: Liver and white
Breed: English Setter

Socialization: Tucker likes to be with his people. His first year he spent in a hunting facility. When that place was shut down he was rescued by a family with 4 children. He is so sweet and has shown no fear or aggression towards people or other animals. He even put up with some smothering hugs from my 3 year old son. Everyone that meets him comments about how sweet and calm he is.

Good with Children: Yes! Tucker is very good with children. He took several naps with my 3 year old son. He would go to my children’s bedrooms for comfort. He is very gentle.

Good with Dogs: Yes, he ignores other dogs for the most part, but his foster brother was able to convince him to play a few times. When he is able to run free with other dogs he is more likely to play.

Good with Cats: Yes, He is interested in the cat in his foster home, but did not chase her.

House trained: Working on it. If he does not get out enough he will have accidents. He was fine in his crate all night with no accidents. The previous family said that if he was out of his crate at night he would have occasional accidents so we made sure to keep him crated.

Crate trained: Yes, he goes right into his crate and will stay there. The first week he didn’t cry when in there. Once he got more comfortable with us he would cry at night to get out. We set up our laundry room with a large dog bed and some water for him and that kept him happier. We had several nights of terrible thunderstorms which left him pretty scared. We ended up bringing him into our room and closing the door so he couldn’t roam. He was very happy on the dog bed on the floor.

Leash trained: He pulls less on a shorter leash but potties better in an extendable leash. With some work he’d be fine.

Activity Level: Medium-Tucker is definitely a hunting dog. He is happiest when he is chasing birds or squirrels. When he is in the house he usually just lays around, but occasionally watches for birds or squirrels at the window. He is very laid back, but will need to be able to get out and hunt butterflies.

Fence: I believe a physical fence would be best for Tucker. He did not respond well to training on an invisible fence.

Behavior: Tucker is a snuggler, but also appears to be independent enough that I don’t believe he would glue himself to someone. He likes to be in the same room as his people. Sometimes he will crawl up in your lap to snuggle or he will lean against you, but he is also content laying on a dog bed near you.

Medical History: He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

Foster Comments: Tucker really is just the sweetest dog! His markings are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone that meets him wants to take him home. Tucker does really well with children and I feel he prefers them to adults.

We only have an invisible fence and he did not respond well to his training on it. Even with it only set to vibrate and beep he would not leave the house if he had that collar on. Ideally he would go to a home with a physical fence and a yard with birds, bugs or squirrels he could chase.

I believe Tucker may have spent most of his time outside or had access to a dog door at his previous home. He does not seem to understand that walks are for the purpose of going potty and does not like to poop when on a leash. It seems he is used to going potty when he needs to and isn’t the greatest at communicating with his human that he needs to go. This is something we are working on and are already making progress. With regular walks or access to free play outside he is fine. I feel our issues with the invisible fence training were the cause of a lot of the potty issues because he was afraid of our yard. He needs to feel free in order to do his business. When I took him to a friends house with a physical fence he immediately did all his business so he could play.

He does not chew anything up. He does not get on furniture unless invited.

We took him for a several mile jog and was good and happy. Whoever gets him is going to be so lucky. He is truly a very special dog.

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.