GINGER AB#17-033-1 & SASSY AB#17-033-2



Gender: Females
Age: 6 1/2 years
Size/Weight: Both are small Setters in height and stature
Ginger 46 lbs.    Sassy 38 lbs.
Color: Sassy is mostly black and white spotted on her body, but is tri colored in her face and legs. Ginger is spotted orange and white.
Breed: English Setters

Socialization/training: Both dogs are VERY well socialized. They are most comfortable together and have lived together for their entire lives. They have been complete dolls around my other dogs, and I have both males and a female so they aren’t in favor of either gender. They tend to be a bit submissive at first when being introduced, no aggression and no dominance in either one. We have started to work with them on basic training. When they came to us they didn’t seem to know any basic commands. They have learned sit, and they have learned to come when they are called. They know “outside, treat, eat, and crate” We will continue to work with them while they are in our care. They are definitely easily trainable.

Good with Children: Yes! They are dolls with my 10 year old Son, and I wouldn’t question them at all around children.

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: They are really great with my cat, zero aggression, but I will say they were enamored with him for the first few weeks. I don’t think they knew what to do with him. My guess is they were never around cats. They would follow him around the house obsessively and once they got a hold of him they would just lick him! They have completely settled down now and they even nap and cuddle with him. They still are interested, but none of this is prey driven. I would say if going to a home w/ a cat(s), that you will need to have patience and understanding in that they just need to get used to their new surroundings and fur-siblings.

House trained: 100% for both dogs, they have never had an accident in my home from the day we received them.

Crate trained: Yes, both dogs go in the crate now so well. I do crate them together, as they are very bonded. All I have to say is “Ok girls, get in your crate,” I give them a little nudge and they both trot downstairs and lay down with the door open before I even get there to close it.

Leash trained: We are working on this, but I would say they definitely need a lot more work. For that reason, these two would not be a good fit for someone that can’t handle a strong pulling dog on a leash. I have walked both dogs on a long walk on trails, and Sassy will pull me the whole way. I have shortened her leash to be right by my side and that helps a little bit. My next step is to buy her a harness and see if that helps with more control for me. Ginger actually is much easier on the leash. She gets very excited and first and pulls pretty hard, but settles down quickly into a nice routine of walking with light pulling but manageable, as my 10 year old son can walk her easily. Once I get harnesses and walk them a bit more I will update this section and note improvement.

Activity Level: Both dogs are very playful and need a good amount of exercise, social and play time. They go outside quite a bit at my house. They both are typical Setters in the sense that they are very curious outside with sights, sounds, and smells. Because they are so bonded, they look to one another when they are curious or unsure. They pace around the fence line, VERY curious what is beyond.

Fence REQUIRED: Invisible fence trained. Leash walking would not be sufficient for either dog as a primary source of an exercise outlet.. A higher fence would be required for both dogs, as they both are jumpers, and Sassy was once successful jumping the lower part of our fence. I’d recommend at least a 6’.

I will say, the day Sassy jumped the fence was the second day we had her. I believe a lot of it was nerves, because since they have settled in neither dog has tried to get out of the fenced area. It is just a matter of them becoming comfortable. Ginger still tries to jump the fence, and has been successful a few times in jumping over our 6’ fence, and digging under it to get out. Since we were having a bit of trouble with the fence with her, we have since trained both dogs to be off leash in our yard with invisible fence techniques.

Once they have their play time out in the open yard during the day (supervised), Ginger is much more manageable when using the fenced part of the yard afterwards for potty breaks, as she isn’t so inclined to escape. I will say, the few times that Ginger jumped the fence (and yes, she is like a ninja with this), she actually didn’t go far. She bolted around our property and decided to hang out on the neighbor’s porch.

Invisible fence training update: Both Ginger and Sassy have been fully trained, and I say that comfortably, to be in our yard with us supervised. Ginger still wears her ‘collar’ but it’s just as her reminder and she hasn’t tested boundaries more than once or twice in the beginning of her training.

What is most impressive about both of these girls is, they have learned to come when they are called outside. Sassy will run her heart out, and you’ll think she’s taking off to the other side of the world, but the minute I say “Sassy, come!,” it’s like a full set of freight train brakes come into play and she comes running back towards me. Ginger is also at this point of instruction being outside. They are now fully enjoying our large property and all its perks.

I do believe both of these girls will need a large area to run in play, and even a small fenced in area wouldn’t be sufficient for them.

Behavior: Both dogs are cuddlers, and just complete melt-your-heart sweethearts. If you’re in the living room chances are you’ll find Ginger on your lap sprawled out, and Sassy on the floor near your feet. They’re never far from each other, but they like their people, too. If you’re busy in the house, both dogs are most content napping on the couch with each other cuddled up together. They also love cuddling with the other dogs and cat. You will most often find them together and near each other: They find a lot of comfort as a pair. They have been through so much together, and have experienced a lot of change and upheaval in their lives.

They also LOVE THE BED! I do have them sleep in their crates at night together only because we have a full house of animals, but before bedtime they have their time to cuddle with me in bed. Sassy’s favorite thing to do is burrow herself in the pillows right next to you as close as she can be. Ginger usually lays on the side of me with her head resting on me. When it’s time to go to bed, Sassy will hide in the blankets and convince herself that if you can’t find her you won’t put her in the crate! Then once you find her, she rolls over to the “Setter sprawl,” looks at you innocently and pleads with her eyes to let her sleep there all night. It is so cute. Once morning comes, they go outside and do their business, and they come back in bed with us for morning cuddles.

Medical History: Both Sassy and Ginger are scheduled to be spayed on April 24th. Once that visit is complete, they will be ready to go up-to-date on all vaccines, flea and tick prevention (heavy requirement in our area,), heartworm preventative, microchipped and spayed. They are both in good health.

Foster Comments: Sassy and Ginger came from a sad and troubled situation: Their owner died, and his widow couldn’t care for herself and was about to lose her home. In just a few weeks, they went from the only home and family they had ever known to foster care. These two have always been together, and they are very closely bonded. It’s clear that their life in their previous home was not a calm and easy one, but they are such sweet setters.

I just love these girls. They win you over very quickly and had lots of similar comments on their transport to me. They get nervous in new situations, but they huddle together and calm each other down, then they seem content and confident. They were wonderful, polite guests in their overnights through transport, and brought those manners to my house as well. Once settled in, they are content little love bugs who find a lot of peace and safety with each other.

They both express some nerves in situations that are unfamiliar, but easily overcome with lots of love and petting. They have responded very well to consistent environment and schedule. They know when it’s time to eat, and Ginger will have no problem telling you she would like some food! Sassy and Ginger can be finicky eaters. Sometimes they pick at their food and sometimes they devour it. I’ve learned to just go with their moods.

Both girls can be a little “mouthy.” Sassy is triggered if she hears another dog bark, or a noise that sounds like a knock. Sassy then triggers Ginger and they can be a little difficult to settle down; however, I have noticed as time goes on being in my home the unfamiliar noises have become familiar and they don’t bat an eye anymore if someone shuts a door or is walking on the hardwood floors (something that triggered them to bark before.) Both dogs will always bark at someone that comes to the door or walks through the door, if they hear another dog outside, or if they see someone through the window walking by. None of my resident dogs bark, so Sassy and Ginger feed off each other here. It takes a few minutes but they do settle down. For this reason, when they are crated if I am at work or when they go to sleep – I have them in our downstairs living room away from windows and doors so they can relax their minds. It works like a charm.

Personality wise: Ginger is the laid back one, and Sassy is more quirky! She really makes me laugh and has a lot of Setter personality. Ginger is more level-headed and you can see her trying to get Sassy to relax sometimes. Sassy definitely depends on Ginger for this comfort if she is nerved up about something. They both balance each other out, and what one lacks the other makes up for. They are very comfortable with each other, and they can rough house like professionals!! They absolutely love to barrel into each other outside, and roll around. I can’t stress enough, how socially accepting they are of all animals, and people. Just unbelievably tolerant and beautiful girls.

Both girls have been around guests in the house now. They did get a little excited with the new babysitter, and we also had family over for Easter and they were excited then. They only jumped once or twice and settle down when spoken to. So we are working on manners there; however, after about 10 minutes they were totally relaxed. They made their rounds for affection, and it wasn’t long before Ginger was laying in my mother’s arms, and Sassy was sleeping on the couch with my Sister. They have no preference or prejudice, whoever wants to pet them!

These girls are ready-made, perfect house dogs looking for their forever home. I really, really would love to see them go together. I know they will be happiest together. Their journey to me has been together, and I’m hoping their journey to their forever homes is together, too.

Adoption fee: $500.00/pair

Foster location: Boonville, NY
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.

Link to photos of Ginger          Link to photos of Sassy