TUCKER AB#17-028


Tucker video 01

Tucker video 02

Gender: Male
Age: 7 months
Size/Weight: 46 lbs
Color: White and Black
Breed: English Setter or English Setter mix

Socialization/training: He is very interested in learning and rapidly learned sit and down. He is now working on wait and stay. I am not certain how well socialized he was before I got him. He wants to play with my dogs, but is very rambunctious and tends to play too rough for my older dog. My 3 year old English Setter loves to run with him, but she sometimes seems a bit over-whelmed with the way he plays. Lots of things seem to be very new to Tucker and I wonder if he was pretty isolated before I got him.

Good with Children: Unknown. May be too rambunctious for young children.

Good with Dogs: He loves to run and play with my 3 year old English Setter. However, when I hand out dental chews or other treats, I have to put a leash on Tucker so that he does not try to take the treats from the other dogs. He is aggressive about bully sticks so I can only give him bully sticks when he is in his crate. When I am working with Tucker and my other dog on obedience, he stays focused on me and doesn’t try to take the treats from the other dog.

Good with Cats: Yes. I have a very dog-savvy cat. While he chased her once or twice, he did not try to bite her.

House trained: Now seems to be pretty consistent with his training. I make certain he goes outside on a consistent basis and I also have a dog door so he has constant access to the fenced backyard.

Crate trained: Yes. Sleeps all night in his crate without any issues. I usually give him a bully stick to give him something to chew when he first gets in the crate.

Leash trained: Pulls very hard and will definitely need training.

Activity Level: Very active and playful. He loves to run and wrestle with other dogs. Also loves to play with his toys. He will need to have lots of exercise every day.

Fence REQUIRED: He definitely needs a fenced place to run. I have a 4 – 5 foot high physical fence and he has never tried to get over or under the fence.

Behavior: He loves to be with me when I am home in the evening. He usually naps next to my chair and would definitely climb in my chair or up on the couch if he were invited. When I sit on the floor he climbs into my lap (and has done that since his first day here). On his first visit to my vet, he climbed into the vet’s lap after the visit was over. Yet he is also independent enough to go outside to run and play with the other dogs.

Medical History: He is neutered, up to date on vaccines and microchipped. He had some GI issues in the beginning, but those seem to have resolved now that he has been wormed for a second time. He has a very healthy appetite

Foster Comments: I had hoped to keep Tucker as he is very loving to me and all the other adults he has met, but unfortunately, he is not integrating into my pack. He is treat and chewy aggressive with the other dogs and my oldest dog is not comfortable around him. He might do well as an only dog with an active owner or family. He needs to exercise every day. He also loves to counter surf. I use a crate when I drive him to vet appointments.

Adoption Fee: $395.00

Foster Location: Apex, NC
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.