BEAU AB#17-022


Bird stalking

Beau with squeaky toy

Gender: Male
Age: 4-5 yrs
Size/Weight: 54lbs
Color: black and white
Breed: English Setter

Training: Beau is continuing to learn basic commands like sit, stay, off, and come. He has a strong prey drive, so walking on a leash could use more training but we think Beau is very smart and can learn just about anything you work on with him. He wants to please you in the worst way!

Good with Children: He has spent the last 2 weeks with our 3 children ranging in ages from 4-13. He does well with them. Although he is sometimes clumsy with his canine friends, he is very careful around the 4-year-old. He loves the attention they give him, and the older two children regularly walk him.

Good with Dogs: Yes. It only took him 2 weeks to find his place and respect within his foster pack. We have a 1-year-old setter and a 13-year-old lab. Beau has been learning how to share his foster mom’s attention with the other members of his canine pack as well as how to share toys. At the dog park, he happily greets all sorts of dogs, big and small.

Good with Cats: Unknown. We don’t have cats, but Beau has a very strong prey drive and is constantly hunting the small animals in the neighborhood. Based on this, cats are probably not a good idea.

House trained: Still a work in progress. He no longer poops in the house, but still has a few pee accidents here and there. He also occasionally marks.

Crate trained: Yes. He usually doesn’t want to go in the crate, but once he goes in, he is very comfortable and immediately settles. He is in a crate while we are at work and school and also in our bedroom at night.

Leash trained: He will need more work to walk with manners by your side. Beau is very strong and can pull hard. We use a harness with him, but the gentle leader works better. We often catch him pointing when we walk and he usually walks better with his foster dad.

Activity Level: Beau is very active but does settle in the house. He gets very excited when you come home and after being let out of his crate. But he also loves nothing more than to snuggle with you. He likes to know where you are in the house always and will search for you. He goes for 2 longer walks a day, but is happiest when he gets to run at the dog park.

Fence: Beau would do best with a fence or an invisible fence. He loves to be outside and we are guessing he spent a lot time outside before coming to us. We have not trained him on our invisible fence but he does not challenge the fence at the dog park, so I think either type of fence would be appropriate for him.

Behavior: Beau likes people and dogs. He really enjoys attention from anyone who will give it to him! He does startle easily at times, but as he learns to trust you, he is fine. We have found that when the entire family is home for a few days, he seems to look for a quiet spot. Sometimes we kennel him to give him a break and he seems to enjoy this downtime.

He is happiest at the dog park, and is a very polite dog. He will run up to people and immediately sit. He jumps only when very excited and usually at his foster mom when she arrives home because she is just that exciting to him! Although he likes everyone in the family, he has bonded the strongest with foster mom! We joke that she is his “person”.

He doesn’t bark much, only when he spots a little critter in the yard. Beau loves riding in the car! He will steal household items from time to time and doesn’t readily give them up. He will trade for a treat or toy, but we are working on the “leave it” command for this. We are still working on basic manners, but Beau has already learned so much in such a short amount of time.

Medical History: Up to date on all vaccines, neutered and microchipped.

Foster Comments: Beau came to our family from a shelter in VA where his time was coming to an end. He was sweet and inquisitive of his new surroundings. We think toys were new to him, and much to the amusement of our family, he was quite surprised when they squeaked. Now he happily plays with the toys and has also taken a liking to the various bones we have around the house. He doesn’t usually chew household items, which is helpful but he will snitch food if you’re not careful.

Beau is also now discovering how to become part of an indoor canine pack. For a bit, he did not enjoy sharing these new beloved toys with his foster brother and sister, but now they can play side by side. He often didn’t realize his space and would topple our younger setter to the ground. Now, he is more cautious around her and understands she is just more “delicate” than he is! We continue to feed them separately so that Beau doesn’t enjoy her meal as well. The 3 dogs are getting along well (even when he wants first dibs on toys and wants to hog his momma’s attention), and it’s a real testament to how adaptive this sweet boy is after the many changes he has endured over the last month or so.

If you like to be snuggled, he’ll be a great fit for you! We do not allow dogs on the furniture and Beau wants a revote on this! He’d love to join you in the comfiest of places but is also content to just hunker down beside you wherever you go. He also sometimes demands attention by using his head to move your hand…in case you didn’t get the hint the first time.

Beau is a loving boy looking for a family who is willing to give him the extra special attention he so deserves. He would be happiest in a home that has a decent yard with a fence of some type. We are sure that Beau has hunted before and if you are interested in hunting, he may be a good fit for you.

Beau is a good boy and will make a great pet for the right family!

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: DeForrest, WI
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.