PIPER AB#17-020


Gender: female
Age: ~11 months (probably a Spring 2016 pup)
Size/Weight: ~28#
Color: white with some orange
Breed: English setter mix (maybe) She looks like a very small ES with her coloring and feathering but has a very blocky head. She may be a spaniel/Jack Russell/ Chihuahua type of mix

Socialization/training: Piper is a mixed bag…She is a “ladies dog” as she is fearful of strange men, although she has made friends with my husband. A man from down the street was walking his dog and she went right up to them with no barking but went ballistic at the man next door. Miss Hyper Piper knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, therefore, she goes over furniture instead of around it. She has more energy than any dog I’ve ever seen. She will jump on people, doors, sofas, chairs, beds . Since she is not a heavy dog, the jumps aren’t such that they would knock an adult down but probably would knock a young child over. She has not jumped on top of counters or tables. We are working on “sit & wait” before feeding and going outside the door. She will bolt at any opportunity. Once she got out, she took off hunting around the neighbors’ houses. Happy claps and calling brought her right back.
She sleeps in the bed with me and loves to cuddle. She is almost my shadow and always wants to know where I am.

Good with Children: She has been good around the young people we’ve seen while out and about. Her temporary foster said this also. (She, too, had mixed reactions with men)

Good with Dogs: After a short “get to know you” period she is great with my dogs ( 3yr, 7yr and 13 yr) They love to CHASE through the back yard and tussle. She is FAST.

Good with Cats: I don’t have a cat but her temporary foster said she was OK with them.

House trained: She has had a few “accidents” but is generally good with going outside.

Crate trained: I have not used a crate.

Leash trained: She is almost a different dog when attached to a leash. The calm friendly inside pup turns into an Iditarod sled dog when out on a lead. We are working on the pulling but most of the “walk” is sitting or reversing directions trying to break the pull. If another walker comes, we sit and wait for them to pass. If anything with wheels goes by,,, hold on tight! She does much better on a front-chest attachment/no pull harness.

Activity Level: Very exuberant, energetic, playful, fast, bouncy but also has that laid back cuddly side also.

Fence: We have a 4’ fence, she has made no effort to go over it but when she jumps, she gets chest high to the fence and if she ever put forward momentum with the jump she could go over. If there are no other dogs to play with she would need to be exercised by chasing and returning a ball or leash exercised . She would probably be great as a jogging partner.

Behavior: She is a good cuddler. Piper seems to be a quick learner but is easily distracted. She likes to know where I am and will follow me throughout the house. She has done fine inside alone while we are at work. Nothing has been chewed up.

Medical History: She is up to date on vaccines. Heartworm neg (on preventative), Fecal neg, spayed, microchipped

Foster Comments: Piper is a sweet, highly energetic, young girl. Her main issues are a fear of men, pulling hard on a leash and chasing anything with wheels. She would greatly benefit from obedience classes.

Adoption fee: $395.00

Foster Location: Charleston, SC
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.