BLUE AB#17-019


Playing “keep away”

Gender: Male
Age: 20 Weeks
Size/Weight: 32 pounds
Color: White with caramel and black markings
Breed: English setter mix

Socialization/training: Very friendly with everyone. He hasn’t met anyone he doesn’t like. He responds to simple commands (sit, come, no bark, etc) and learns things quickly.

Good with Children: yes, he has interacted with children from age 1 to age 12 in a positive way. My one year old granddaughter is all over him and he takes it all in.

Good with Dogs: yes, once we had a house full of peaple plus 4 dogs at a party and he behaved with excitement , was playful but still obeyed his commands. He and our setter eat together very well. Mostly they eat their own food but they do switch off occasionally with no problems.

Good with Cats: unknown although his rescuer said he was good with her cat

House trained: He is mostly trained but we’ve had some accidents. He is learning to go to the door and make noise to be let out (our door is not visible from the TV room) and he definitely lets you know when he wants to come in.

Crate trained: yes, he takes a few minutes to settle down but then sleeps through the night and seems calm when we are returning from leaving him. He does enjoy a toy and a treat in with him.

Leash trained: Not trained to heel, but walks with a minimal amount of pull even when faced with the neighborhood squirrels

Activity Level: He is either playing, eating or sleeping and likes to run around the yard with our 2 yr old setter. Even if he gets too excited he will still respond to commands.

Fence REQUIRED: Loves to go on leash walks, but I don’t think that would be enough for him. Our fence is 4 feet, and he has shown no indication of trying to go either over or under it.

Behavior: He is a cuddler, independent and attentive. He loves to be on the couch or in bed with his people. But he will play for long periods with an assortment of toys by himself or with our dog and loves to play keep-away with our setter. He listens to people but also watches what’s happening on the street and in the back yard. He doesn’t appear to be a barker.

Medical History: He is up to date on age appropriate vaccines. He is not yet 6 months, so he has not been neutered.

Foster Comments: Blue is a sweetheart. A friend who has met all our fosters says that he is the friendliest of all of them. We have had several fosters and he was the first one that called this his home on the very first day. I believe he would be good with a family with children and/or another dog. However, I think he would be good in almost any situation where he has a decent sized fenced yard or access to a fenced dog park. I wouldn’t trust him yet in an open park because he hasn’t really had the training for that. I certainly would not rule out a couple or single adult as long as that person has the time and desire to spend time with him playing or just cuddling. He rides very well in the car as well.

Adoption Fee: $395.00

Foster Location: Rochester, NY
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.