RIO AB#17-017


Gender: Male
Age: 1 to 2 years old, believed to be about 18 months
Size/Weight: 47 lbs
Color: Belton – white with orange
Breed: English Setter

Socialization/training: Rio is friendly to other dogs, people and animals. He is very good on a leash, house trained and is learning English very well. He came from Greece so knew commands in Greek.

Good with Children: Excellent with children. Due to his size and exuberance, supervision around very young children should be provided.

Good with Dogs: Rio has been appropriate with every dog he has met and the large pack at his foster home.

Good with Cats: Rio is curious about cats

House trained: Yes, uses the dog door

Crate trained: Yes, although Rio does protest when first put into the crate

Leash trained: Excellent leash skills

Activity Level: Rio is an active dog who plays with his foster siblings, chases and initiates play. Due to previous neglect, Rio has muscle atrophy in his rear legs that is improving – mass and strength – with exercise and play.

Fence: A physical fence would be an asset for Rio to continue to build strength and muscle mass.

Behavior: Rio is a sweet, loving, gentle dog who is grateful for everything. He LOVES to be groomed and was very good about his nail trim. You can’t comb him out enough to suit him! As Rio has become more comfortable, he likes to sleep in bed with his foster parents, nap on the furniture or a dog bed, wants to be next to people and is very gentle taking a treat. He is a slower eater, often lying down with his dish between his paws to eat.

Medical History: Rio is up to date on vaccines, microchipped, neutered.
Rio comes from Greece where Leishmaniasis is endemic and very common. He tested negative for the disease before coming to the US, but since Leishmania can have a long dormancy period, any applicants interested in adopting Rio (or any of our Greek Setters) need to commit to having him tested annually for Leishmaniasis for 7 years.

Foster Comments: Rio is a very sweet, gentle and loving dog who has improved his appearance greatly with food every day. He has learned English for the basic commands, loves to be combed, plays well with other dogs and wants to be near people. Rio does mouth objects to determine if they are edible so he requires supervision for his own safety. He is a hugger but is learning to wait to be invited instead of jumping up to give you a hug out of love. Rio has tried a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, thus far he has not disliked anything. His past history is what led to significant muscle atrophy in his rear legs. Rio is regaining the strength and muscle mass he should have for a dog his age with daily walks, play time and some structured activities. He has a very soft coat too!

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Conesus NY
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.