COLE AB#17-014-3


Gender: Male
Age: 9 months
Size/Weight: 35 lbs
Color: White/orange
Breed: Brittany/Pomeranian Mix

Socialization/training: Cole knows his name, sits for a treat, is respectful of the other dogs at meal time, greets new dogs appropriately. He initiates play appropriately with other dogs and will relocate your slippers or shoes, but does not chew on them. Cole walks on a leash nicely, rides in the car very well and loves to visit pet friendly stores.

Good with Children: Yes

Good with Dogs: Yes, very social and respectful

Good with Cats: Not known but likely due to his age and temperament

House trained: yes, uses a dog door

Crate trained: yes, only crated when we are not home

Leash trained: yes, goes for an hour+ daily walk

Activity Level: Moderate, loves to play and chew bones

Fence: A physical fence would be beneficial due to his age

Behavior: Cole is a bit on the shy side until he knows what is expected. He is friendly to people and other dogs. Cole has just begun to use a dog bed instead of the floor. He gives up a toy or bone to another dog who wants it and moves on to something else.

Medical History: Up to date on all vaccines, neutered, microchipped

Foster Comments:  Cole is a very sweet dog who is like the typical middle child. He is happy to just be busy, included and not get into trouble, but will join in the fun if paper is being shredded. Cole likes squeaky toys and has not destroyed any to get the squeaker out. When we sit to eat dinner, Cole keeps a respectful distance and usually will nap or chew a bone. He is an easy going, laid back pup who enjoys a belly rub or to be groomed, but has never been pushy or insistent on attention. Cole has a beautiful coat, is easy to groom and loves a bath. He sleeps in a dog bed in his foster parents’ bedroom.

Adoption fee: $395.00

Foster Location: Conesus NY
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.

Cole on right