RIVER AB#17-010-2


River running in yard video

Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Size/Weight: 45 pounds
Color: Orange and White
Breed: English Setter

Socialization/training: It appears that River was not properly socialized when he was a puppy. He is very timid around new people and takes a long time to warm up. In his foster home he is comfortable with his family, but new people will send him running to his safe spot. If you startle River, he does not forget. My son startled River when he was getting him out of his crate one day. Weeks later and River is still very skittish around my son and won’t allow him to let him out to potty.

Good with Children: No. He was ok with my seven-year old granddaughter, but was fearful of the neighbor’s children. I would strongly recommend no young children due to his nervousness to loud noises and sudden movements.

Good with Dogs: Yes. He plays with the dog that was with him in his old home and he is learning to play with his foster brother, Flint.

Good with Cats: Unknown, he has not been tested.

House trained: Not 100%. He will usually go to the door when he wants to go out to potty but if you miss that signal, he will potty on the floor. If he is scared, he will potty on the floor.

Crate trained: Yes. He goes into the crate with a treat when I have to leave the house.

Leash trained: It appears he was trained by someone to walk on a leash. If you make him walk by your side, he will. Otherwise, he likes to walk ahead and pull. But if startled by a loud noise, he will try to walk around and in-between your legs.

Activity Level: River has a lot of energy and loves to chew on bones or toys. He will pull the stuffing out of toys. He does like to pick up shoes and socks and if they are left out, he will chew on them.

He is pretty laid back in the house and would spend all his time in his safe spot which is on one of our beds. He had a play date one day and he loved running around in the big fenced in yard. He spent most of his time outside. He eventually took treats from the people who were watching him. The last time I took him to the same house, he was nervous and did not play with the other dogs. When he heard and saw the children next door, he found a spot in the yard behind a bush and hid there.

Fence REQUIRED: No invisible fencing. I strongly recommend that River go to a home with at least a 4 ft. high fence. He is on a tie out at my house and he does fine. He will come when I call him and wait while I wipe his feet. I believe if startled, he would run through an IF. When he goes to a new home, he may not come when called if he is the yard. It might be best to take him out on a leash at first.

Behavior: He is very much a cuddler when he trusts you. He sleeps in bed with his foster mom. He will spend too much time in his safe spot if we don’t call him out to play or just to be with us. He is so gentle and soft and sweet. It hurts to see him so afraid of the world.

Medical History: River is neutered and up-to-date on all vaccines & microchipped.

Foster Comments: River is a very sweet gentle boy. He is a beautiful looking dog. With that being said, he is going to need a special home and applications should not be put in just for his looks.

River needs a home where the family understands and has had experience with a timid dog. In this case, patience will be the key to bringing him to his full potential. Praising and treating him for staying in the room if a cupboard door bangs. Understanding if he doesn’t want to come out and meet guests in your home. He cannot be forced into situations a properly socialized dog welcomes.

No young children and a fenced in yard will be requirements.

I believe River would do well with another dog who can show him how to become a confident dog. He seems to do better when meeting people in an outside environment. In the home, he will come out and look to see who is there. If you are lucky, he will come up and sniff you. Outside he seems to be more willing to approach a stranger. At home with me, he will still run off if he is standing at the door waiting to go out and I approach him and he doesn’t hear me.

If he steps on the laminate floors, he will panic and scramble to get back on the rugs. I believe with time and patience he will learn to be more confident. I don’t know if he will ever be a “social” dog with people he doesn’t know.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Mechanicsburg, PA
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.