ARTHUR AB#17-006


Gender: Male
Age: He is between 10-12 years old
Weight: currently weighs 50 lbs. Needs to gain weight
Color: He is white and tan
Breed: English Setter (Maybe a Llewelyn setter)

Socialization: First in describing Arthur, you need to know he is blind and deaf. He is extremely friendly. He loves to be petted and loved on.

Good with children: He is great with children. He will let them pet him if they want to. He never tires of getting attention.

Good with dogs: Other dogs do not bother him, either because he doesn’t care or because he doesn’t see or hear them.

Good with cats: We do not have cats in our house so I have no idea how he would be with cats.

Leash trained: He walks on a leash without pulling because he trusts that you will not lead him where he will not get hurt.

House trained: He has learned to get from one end of the house to the doggy door on the other end of the house. It has been weeks since he had an accident in the house. He will go outside to do what must be done but prefers to be in the house.

Activity Level: The outdoors he may be a little insecure as to where things are. If you insist he will stay outside and lay in the sun. He gets anxious when he is trying to get to either water or outside to do his business. He may have some peripheral vision as he will follow me around the house or in the yard.

Fence REQUIRED: He needs a fenced in yard so he can establish his barriers. When left outside on his own, he will usually walk the fence line to determine where he is in the yard. But he finds his way from the middle of the yard to the screened in patio. If he can’t find the doggy door to get back in he will stand at the regular door and bark.

Medical History: He is up to date on vaccines neutered and microchipped. He has a healthy appetite and drinks a large amount of water. The Vet said he has bilateral cataracts and nuclear sclerosis bilateral. His muscle structure in the rear limbs is of concern. His x-ray shows intestinal lung pattern which accounts for his cough. He coughs when getting up from resting. His x-ray also shows severe lumbosacral in disk 2. When is weigh gets up to 60 lbs. He will be neuter and his teeth cleaned. He recently had a seizure. The vet suspects a brain tumor.

Adoption fee: Zero/waived

Foster location: Gulf Breeze, Florida.
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.





So skinny on arrival