OLIVER AB#16-147


Catch the toy!

Get the ball!

Oliver playing with friend video

Short Oliver Video

Gender: Male
Age: 2 years 
Size/Weight: 57 lbs
Color: White / Liver
Breed: English Setter

Oliver has come a long way since he was sprung from jail. He is housebroken, master of the doggie door, and is loving his new life as an indoor dog! He is a good learner and has quickly learned to go to his crate, sit for treats and meals, and use the doggy door, which he had no clue about when he first arrived! Oliver does not appear to have any formal obedience training and was probably a kenneled, hunting dog.

Oliver is very food motivated and when treats are near he will sit upon request. He has a very soft mouth. When he is fed in his crate he is not bothered by the other dogs getting near his crate while he eats. He tends to eat fast so we feed him in a slow eater bowl and would recommend that in his forever home.

Good with Children: Oliver is a high-energy boy and at this point would be best around older teens and adults only.

Good with Dogs: Yes. Oliver gets along with our other dogs and is learning to play with them. He can sit by himself or butt-to-butt with another dog. He is learning to be part of the family! Small dogs are not recommended because so far, any interaction with smaller animals has him very focused on them.

Good with Cats: Unknown, but would not recommend because of his focus when around smaller animals.

House trained: Yes. We have a doggie door and he has mastered it. His housetraining was a challenged, but he is now reliable.

Crate trained: Yes. Oliver is crated while we are at work and for meals. There is a crate in the bedroom that he sleeps in at night (his choice) with the door open. He likes to go in the crate in the evening hours before everyone else goes to bed.

Leash trained: Somewhat. Oliver doesn’t really pull, but could use additional training.

Activity Level: Medium – High. While outside, Oliver runs around the yard for as long as we let him. On the weekends that is most of the day. He will chase our dogs or go off on his own looking for whatever it is that strikes his fancy. He is similar in energy compared to our other young field setters. He has picked up on catching/chasing the ball. He hasn’t completely gotten the retrieve part of the game, but he does enjoy the outdoors.

Oliver does not need to be by your side every minute, but he will come over to say hi every so often. Oliver is learning to play with other dogs, but is fine sitting by himself or in the middle of the action.

Fence REQUIRED: A physical fence is required. Oliver has not challenged our 6’ privacy fence, but has scratched at it to ‘visit’ the neighbor’s three terriers. I would not recommend an invisible fence.

Behavior: Oliver is on his way to learning how to become part of a family and is steadily learning his manners. He likes to run and sniff around the yard and is also happy running along with his foster siblings chasing balls.

Medical History: Oliver came to us extremely underweight, but has gained 14 lbs since his arrival and is at optimal weight. He is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped.

Foster Comments: Oliver is an active, young boy who will only get better with love, attention, and training. He knows his name and listens very well to his Foster Mom.

Oliver was unmannered, as we suspect he was an outside, kenneled, hunting dog but has come a very long way and is now housebroken, is master of the doggie door, and is learning how to be an inside family dog. Oliver could still use some formal obedience training, but he has learned to sit for his meals and treats. He is not a licker, but will nuzzle you! Oliver’s best trait is that he is a roo’er (see video)!

Oliver currently lives with four other dogs in his foster home and the youngest two have taught him how to play. It is a joy to see him grab a toy and trot around with it or play wrestle with another dog. He does not take offense to the young dogs playing around him and is ok with them in his space. He is pretty laid back indoors and enjoys resting in the various dog beds spread throughout the home and his open crate in the bedroom. Oliver probably could be an only dog, but he does enjoy the company of the other dogs and playing with them and that would be the preference.

Oliver has chosen his foster mom as his human and has resource guarded her on two occasions in the bedroom.  He will greet foster Dad with roos and ask for petting just as he does with his foster Mom, but this has taken 3 months of patience.

He enjoys playing fetch and trotting around with the ball in his mouth showing off that he found it. Getting it back from him is a challenge sometimes, but he’s learning. He easily destroys tennis balls, so a tough rubber ball is best.

Adoption Fee: $300.00

Foster Location: North Augusta, SC
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.