WINNIE AB#16-140


Winnie the kangaroo video

Gender: Female
Age: Approximately 5 years
Size/Weight: 54 lbs
Color: Chocolate & White
Breed: Labrador Retriever & German Shorthair Pointer (I had a genealogy report done on her DNA)

Socialization/training: While going through heartworm disease treatment (now finished), I have not been able to take her to a dog park, but when walking the neighborhood she would greet other dogs and people, sometimes bark and pull; she likes the neighbors and the neighbor’s dog when they are out on our adjoining deck.

Good with Children: Probably. There are no children in the house but she seems to like the 4 year old next door when he is out and likes being petted by him, and she seems to like the little ones we might meet on a short walk. Winnie likes to jump up on people and would knock down a small child, she catches me by surprise sometimes with her exuberance.

Good with Dogs: I believe that Winnie should be an only dog. When I took Winnie in to foster, my dog had recently passed, so Winnie was the only dog in the house. I took in another foster in about a month and could not keep her. Winnie would not accept a 2nd dog in the house and I think both were alpha females. One attempt over the holidays to have a family member come over with their two dogs was iffy so I crated Winnie for the visit and she stayed quiet.

Good with Cats: Winnie and my cat are BFF’s (Best Friends Forever)

House trained: Yes.

Crate trained: yes. I keep her in a crate at night with no problem. During the day while I’m at work she has full run of a finished basement or is in a laundry room area that’s approx. 6’X15’.

Leash trained: yes, some strong pulling but prior to heartworm treatment she loved to walk

Activity Level: I suspect she’s moderate; she’s needed to be kept inactive during her heartworm treatment (now finished) and she has been fine with little to no real exercise. A good 30-45 minute walk twice a day should be fine for her. She could care less about a birds or a ducks, squirrels and rabbits are interesting though.

Fence: I have a small fenced yard, she watches people go by or if they pass along the fence she barks and guards the homestead. Winnie jumps straight up in the air like she’s on a pogo stick (picture a 54 lb Jack Russell), but she doesn’t run and jump. She has not challenged the fence nor tried to dig under it. She has respected gates in the house, even one that is just leaning across the doorway.

Behavior: I’ve never had a Labrador Retriever but based on what I’ve heard, I think Winnie has a Lab personality. She’s loyal, calm, observant, smart, a very quick learner, and also protective.

I taught her to “cuddle”, it didn’t come naturally. And it’s not the type of cuddle I was used to with my ES. She now likes to sit on the sofa with me and lay with her head on my leg and get petted. Or, she will stretch out with her tail end up against my hip so she can have a nice hind end scratch during our time together. She’s gotten to expect and require it.

Now when I’m doing any kind of paperwork or computer work at night, when she thinks I’ve done enough and should stop, she comes over and authoritatively uses her nose to move my arm and force me to pay attention to her. I figured out it’s her way of saying “stop now, turn on the TV, sit on the couch, it’s time for quality time together”

Medical History: Spayed, up to date on vaccines, & microchipped. She’s completed her heartworm treatment. She will need to have a heartworm test follow up check in 6 months.

Foster Comments: Winnie came from a shelter in Winnsboro, SC where they thought she was a PointSetter. The “point” part is correct, but there’s no setter here. Her protectiveness of me and our home along with the big neck wattle made me think maybe she had cattle dog in her. So I had her DNA tested and she is a Labrador Retriever and German Shorthair Pointer with a touch of Rat Terrier and Chow thrown in for good measure. She is built like a Lab, has a pointer head and face, sweet kind eyes, and a thick neck and she is wearing German Shorthair Pointer clothing. Her fur is soft and she looks like she’s made out of velvet.

Her front teeth are all worn down and my vet commented on her first visit that this usually indicated struggling to get out of a cage or crate. This isn’t the case with Winnie. She has always been fine in her crate. I believe that Winnie has ground down her teeth because she LOVES to eat and chew, I’m surprised “goat” didn’t show up in her DNA. If I’m not watching, she takes the empty cat food can out of the recycling bin and licks it clean, then starts to chew on it. She has no governor telling her when to stop eating. If there is something to eat, she’ll inhale it. She will chew a large rawhide bone or bully stick until it is gone. Then she will likely get a tummy ache, the tip of her tongue will hang out and she will give you the mournful look from the classic old Alka Seltzer commercial “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!” She will take a ½ Pepto tablet without a problem and feel better. Consequently she needs monitoring for portion control, absolutely no leaving food out. She has not been a counter surfer, but she did take a box of crackers off the shelf in the pantry and eat it, box and all. She has not chewed anything other than something associated with or containing food.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Havertown, PA
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.






Loves her crate


Winnie & the singing toy