PARKER AB#16-139

Gender: male
Age: 8-10 years
Size/Weight: 65lbs
Color: white with lemon spots
Breed: English setter/pointer aka “PointSetter”

Socialization/training: Has not had any formal training/he is very laid back but will startle easily since he is blind.

Good with Children: YES-older children who understand he is blind and easily startled

Good with Dogs: YES-better with females

Good with Cats: Unknown

House trained: Yes, he will go to the door but must be let out immediately (sometimes he just wants to be outside and doesn’t have to go potty)

Crate trained: YES

Leash trained: YES

Activity Level: He is laid back but does like to play and run around when outside. He loves the snow and will stay out in it all day if I would let him. He plays in the little patch of woods on the back of our property all the time-I guess it is his “safe” place. He is much more comfortable outside than inside, but he does come in a lot to take naps during the day

Fence REQUIRED: A physical fence is a must. NO INVISIBLE FENCE-he would have no protection from someone or something sneaking up on him. Parker loves to run around outside so just walking him wouldn’t be fair. I think 4ft would be high enough since I have never seen him jump up.

Behavior: He is NOT a cuddler at this time. That behavior may come in time. He is a champ at ignoring you when calling his name unless food is involved. He will run away if he gets the chance, maybe it is not his intention to do that but he won’t come when called. He may have some hearing impairment but if he hears dogs barking he wants outside.

Medical History: Parker is up to date on vaccines, neutered, & micrchipped. He is essentially blind but may have some far distant sight since it seems like he can see my little dog way out in the yard and can run to her. He was in sad shape when found with fleas and a lot of hair missing and sores all over. He has areas on his legs and butt where no hair has come back in. He had several rotten teeth which have been removed. When found he was having trouble walking but he runs all over the yard and isn’t on any pain meds now.

Foster Comments: Parker is a laid back dog who loves to be outside running around with other dogs (preferably female). I have large to small dogs and he is fine with any size dog. He shouldn’t be around babies or toddlers since he startles easily due to his blindness and might bite accidentally. He is very food oriented but has no issures over food with my other dogs. He came to me NOT potty trained but now goes to the door to go outside where he either pottys or plays, He loves being outside even in rain and snow. He is not used to toys but I think he could be at some point. He will get in a crate by himself to sleep but is fine uncrated also.

Adoption Fee: $175.00

Foster Location: Morgantown, WV area
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.





Arrival at foster home