DIXIE AB#16-130-2


Gender: Female
Age: 11 years old, but acts like she is a puppy!
Weight: 45 lbs.  and looks great.
Color: white with one brown eye, brown ears and the tip of her tail. She has a soft white short hair coat that feels like baby hair.
Breed: She is a small English Setter who loves to hunt and be out of doors.

Good with children & everyone: Dixie has been with me for 6 months now. She is Miss Personality. She independent until she wants attention. She loves to be loved on and petted. She gets along with everyone whether it is children from 2 to teenagers. Adults love her because of her kind disposition.

Good with dogs: She has always been around other dogs and gets along well with them. She was always polite to her foster brother, allowing him to be fed first or get his treats first.

Good with cats: unknown

Housetrained: Yes, she has a doggy door and has never had an accident in the house.

Car: She loves to ride in the car. She runs to the garage door anytime she thinks I may be leaving. She usually sits up and looks out the window to keep up with what is happening.

Crate trained: She is fearful of a crate. I have not put her in it since she came. She is fine in the house on her own.

Leash trained: She is not leash trained to walk. I have tried harness, head gear, and leash but none of it seems to suggest that she needs to walk. She always wants to run.

Activity Level: She loves to be outside and hunt. She spends most of her day outside.  She is fast when she takes off to run.  When you call her to come in the house, she will respond quickly to her name.

Fence REQUIRED: There must be a fenced in yard for her to play in and get the exercise she needs. She doesn’t jump, so a 5 foot fence is adequate. But she will take off if the gate is left open.

Medical History: Dixie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, microchipped. Teeth cleaned in Oct 2016. At that time had 4 mammary gland tumors removed. so that area should be monitored to be sure they do not return. She is continuously on heartworm and flea and tick medication. The Vet recommended that she should stay at around 45 lbs due to some weakness in her spine shown on the x-ray.

Foster comments: She wants most to please. She looks constantly to you for approval. When indoors she wants to be right beside you by laying at your feet. She comes when she is called.
She will wander off if not in a fenced in area. She does not jump or try to get out of the fenced in back yard.
She is a very sweet dog. She is most compliant, never complains about being treated at the vet’s office. She loves being with the family. She would love to have a forever home where she could grow old being loved and cared for.

Adoption fee: $100.00

Foster location: Gulf Breeze, Florida.
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.