Gender: Male
Age: 5-6 years
Size/Weight: 60 lbs
Color: White with liver markings
Breed: English Setter

Good with Children: Yes. He gets along fine with my grandchildren (2 & 4) although when healthy, he might overwhelm them when he is excited. He would be fine with older children, who were big enough that he wouldn’t knock them over.

Good with Dogs: Yes, but tends not to respect other dogs space

Good with Cats: Unknown

House trained: Yes (has doggie door)

Crate trained: Yes

Leash trained: Yes, pulls a little but settles down

Activity Level: Medium Activity

Fence: Fence always preferred but he could possibly be okay with leash walks. Good prospect for electric fence

Behavior: Pays attention to his people, Super Snuggler! He can be very needy as far as wanting affection.

Medical History: Up to date on vaccines. Had his last Heartworm treatment Jan 20th. Will be neutered when recovered from heartworm treatment, hopefully late February or March.

Foster Comments: Lancelot is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs I have ever known. He came to A&B ES Rescue as a stray, but he is definitely people oriented, even though his experiences with them can’t have been the best.

Besides being heartworm positive, he was underweight, has had his tail broken in two places, and has been shot…there are still some BB’s that show up on Xray, but the vet says they are fine where they are. Even after all this, he just wants to be with his people most of the time. As I type this, he is sitting right here, occasionally “helping” with the caps lock, extra letters, etc.

I don’t know what training he had before, but he quickly learned (or knew) sit, down, kennel, go potty, bed, office, off, stay (we’re working on staying longer and longer). He got along great with my 83 year old Mother the first day he met her.

I don’t think Lancelot was well socialized with other dogs as a puppy, and as a result, he doesn’t respect the other dogs’ space. He likes other dogs…but will dance around and step into them or crash into them. My resident girls seem to just ignore this behavior, but my boys get irritated by it. For this reason, I think Lancelot would do well as an only dog, or perhaps with one or two other dogs, preferably female. He doesn’t try to dominate the other dogs; he just doesn’t respect their space. He got along well with my crew (5 setters and a doxie) for a month, and then we had an issue in the yard where he got too close to another dog’s dead squirrel, resulting in a major disagreement. Since then we have kept him separated from the boys, while we work on teaching boundaries with the other dogs (without much success, unfortunately).

Lancelot gets super excited over feeding time! He will dance around, curve his body almost into a “C” and hurry to his spot where he eats. Lancelot also loves car rides; even though most of his rides have ended up at the vet’s office. He will beg to go, and sometimes we just take him for a ride to make him happy.

Lancelot loves, loves, loves his snuggle time. Due to the issues with my boys, he sleeps in his crate (he will enter on the “kennel” command, and has never put up a fuss over going in his crate at night. (He doesn’t like to be in there during the day when you are in the house though). In the morning he will let you know it is time to get up with some low moans, getting louder and ending with a bark if you don’t get up and let him out soon. Then he goes outside to do his business, and comes right back in for snuggle time. We sit on the couch and snuggle for 20-30 minutes before I have to get ready for work.

Due to his exercise restriction for his heartworm treatment, he has spent a lot of time with me in my home office. He will lie on his dog bed in the office, but when he just can’t stand it anymore he will come around and sit at your side seeking ear rubs and pets. If you ignore him, you might find your arm getting bumped by his head, or find a paw on your leg. After a few minutes of attention, you can tell him “bed” and he will go back to his dog bed and lie down. But before too long……he is seeking attention again.

After supper every night, he has some alone time in the dog room (he can see and hear us but is separated by a gate) then before bed we have another round of snuggle time on the couch. He is super affectionate and gives hugs, but doesn’t give kisses. I think he went without affection and attention for a long time, and is now making up for lost time!

Lancelot has been on exercise restriction the entire time we’ve had him. Due to this, we don’t know for sure what his “normal” routine would be. He likes to check out the yard, and follows the other dogs. But he has never tried to run or chase leaves or birds or cars going down the road like my resident dogs do. He does enjoy being outside in good weather, and likes to watch the squirrels in our yard. I think he will be more active when he is recuperated, but I don’t think he will be a high-energy setter. He is also fairly attached to his foster Mom, due to spending so much time inside with her during the heartworm treatment. He can be needy when he comes to attention. But I think that will diminish after he is allowed full exercise, and can come and go outside more often.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Clarinda, Iowa
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.