SALLY (Formerly Sally Jo or JoJo) AB#16-066


Gender: Female
Age: 9 years
Size/Weight: 37 lbs
Color: Tri color
Breed: English Setter

Socialization/training: Sally loves to be near her foster dad. She comes to us for affection and will settle near us on the sofa more often to nap. Sally sleeps in a dog bed in our bedroom at night and tends to go up to bed by 9:00pm by herself. Use of a whistle will get Sally to come to you consistently when she is out in the yard. She appears to have some hearing loss in specific tones/ranges but responds very well to a whistle and hand signals once you have her vision in your direction. Sally knows basic commands, sits for treats, waits her turn and is gentle taking treats. She loves to ride in the car and is appropriate in pet friendly stores.

Good with Children: yes, Sally likes kids although she appears to be somewhat aloof from kids she does not see regularly.

Good with Dogs: yes, Sally is part of a large pack in her foster home and gets along very well with all of the various age (puppies to 6 year old) dogs.

Good with Cats: Loves chasing ours but not aggressively

House trained: Sally uses the dog door to come and go as she wishes. Has not had any accidents in the house since learning the door. Sally could be trained to ring bells on a door to ask to go out, but the dog door allows her to go out to potty as she needs to.

Crate trained: Sally tolerates being crated, but rarely has to be. She does very well being left free in the house. Sally mostly will nap when her humans are away but will spend some time in the yard too.

Leash trained: Sally walks well on the leash in the group with her foster siblings. She does tend to tangle herself often though on the daily hour+ walks. Because she is hard of hearing, use of a leash when outside the fenced yard is recommended to keep her safe.

Activity Level: Sally is typically very easy going in the house. When she is outside in the yard, Sally is much more active.  Smelling, sniffing, hunting and investigating keeps her very busy in the yard. Sally does not miss any birds, smells or cats that may be about on the daily walk. 

Fence preferred: A physically fenced yard would be best for Sally as her recall is good when you have her attention.  She likes to explore and when she is on a scent, she is not paying attention to where she is going.

Behavior: Sally shows very good house manners. She does not beg or stare when the humans are eating. Sally will initiate play with the other dogs and play when they ask her. She will chew a bone at times and bring a toy to greet you when you come home. Sally is not a demanding companion who will learn the routine of the home and fit in easily.

Medical History: Sally is up to date on all vaccines, is spayed and had some extensive dental work to correct a significant lack of care for her teeth.

Foster Comments:  Sally is a very sweet dog that has adjusted to living as a cherished pet from being a kenneled hunting/breeder dog. Patience as she learns what is expected of her, consistency in routine and using a combination of hand signals and sounds to get her attention has allowed Sally to become comfortable living in a home.  

Adoption fee: $150.00

Foster Location: Conesus NY
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.