ROSE AB#16-056



Rose ah-rooing for dinner

Gender: Female
Age: 3.5 years old
Size/Weight: 39 pounds

Good with Children: Rose is extremely shy and when she hears young children talking or playing, she tries to hide, so she’d do best in a household without children. Her current family has grandchildren that visit occasionally and Rose is so shy, she won’t come out of her kennel when they come over. For this reason, the family feels it’s best to find her a home without children and where she won’t be so afraid.

Good with Dogs: Yes, friendly with all dogs! Rose isn’t a playful girl, but she was a big comfort to her very shy foster sister. I think Rose would love to have another sweet dog to show her the ropes and be her buddy. It might help bring her out of her shell a little too.

Good with Cats: Yes, I even had to move the senile, senior resident cat from her kennel, as Rose allowed him to join her and eat her food.

House trained: Working on it. Rose was almost 100% house-trained and then she got frightened during the 4th of July weekend with unexpected fireworks going off in the neighborhood. It took a lot of coaxing to get her confidence built up to venture outside again. Rose gives a very fast signal that she needs to go out by running to the door and waiting one second. If I’m not watching, she may occasionally have an accident in the house, but it’s rare. She’s never had an accident in her crate.

Crate trained: Yes, LOVES her crate too much. We have to work on getting her out of it. She sees it as her “safe place”.

Leash trained: Nope, we’ve tried to take Rose on short walks around the house and neighborhood and she’s extremely fearful. She recently had surgery to remove a benign tumor, so we gave up on trying to walk her while she was recovering. She really doesn’t like walks, so we’ve decided not to force the issue with her. She might enjoy taking walks in the future, but for now, we’re letting her get comfortable at her own speed. She’ll probably never be a running-buddy.

Activity Level: Extremely laid back and quiet. It’s easy to forget that Rose is even in the house, she’s that quiet and very little trouble. She’s not sure how to play with other dogs or toys, but that may come someday. Rose would probably do best in a calmer environment and family. The worse thing I can say about Rose is that one night when her kennel wasn’t latched, she got out and chewed up a pile of magazines I had saved to read! Rose is so shy, she keeps to the 3 familiar spots in the house, never venturing any further to check things out. She loves attention and to snuggle on the couch, so she’s come a long way in that respect.

Fence: We have a physical fence and Rose has never even ventured around the perimeter. Rose goes outside to do her business, then immediately runs and gets on her “couch/patio furniture” on the deck to watch the other dogs. Rose is not a digger, barker or climber. She doesn’t seem to like her feet to touch the grass. (Possibly because she was crated the first 3 years of her life.) She has no interest in birds or bunnies or anything outside at all. She’d do fine in a smaller yard as she’s very low energy.

Behavior: In the summer, Rose loved to cuddle and snuggle on the patio furniture on the deck, while sharing a bite of vanilla ice cream. Rose arroos very sweetly every morning while I get everyone’s breakfast ready. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever heard, she sounds like a Disney character when she does it!

Medical History: UTD, spayed, microchipped, just completed heartworm treatment, and currently on HW preventative. She had some allergies which seemed to get better when the vet gave her an allergy shot. Also had a benign tumor removed recently and is healing up nicely from that surgery. She has the start of cataracts in both eyes. Sometimes she’s reluctant to go out when it’s dark, and this may be why. Her teeth are also ground down from chewing on a crate where she was kept for years. 

Foster Comments: Rose is the SWEETEST dog you’ll ever meet, despite the horrible life she survived with her previous owners. She was an owner-surrender to a shelter when the family found a mass growing in her chest. She had been used as a money-maker to produce several litters of puppies for years and when she was sick and no longer useful, they dumped her without a second thought. Rose was kept in a small crate and never got to experience life as a fun-loving puppy or beloved family member.

She’s only 3 ½ years old, but seems like a deep thinker and a very old soul. When she was heartworm-tested at the shelter, they found that Rose was heartworm positive. Rose has completed her heartworm treatment and had the large, benign tumor removed from her chest. She’s taken it all in stride and been such a good girl throughout the painful process. She’s a very stoic dog.

I would love to see Rose go to a quiet family who’ll give her lots of love and affection and share some vanilla ice cream with her. She’s had a rough life and deserves to have a wonderful family to cherish her. Rose needs a place where she’ll blossom. Rose may never be that happy-go-lucky girl due to her traumatic past, but she’s so lovable and deserving of a new life.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Bloomington, Illinois
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.