MAGGIE AB#19-267- F, 6Years

Foster dog name: Maggie, AB#19-267

Gender: Female

Age: Approximately 6 years old

Size/Weight: 48 lbs

Color: White and Orange

Breed: English Setter

Maggie has a facebook page, check her out at: 

Socialization/training: Maggie LOVES people and will want to be wherever you are. She is super snuggly and if you are looking for a dog that leans in to “hug” or literally jumps in your lap when you invite her on the couch, look no further!

This little girl was brought to the shelter as a stray, and then had depression at the shelter, so life has been “ruff” for her. She will need a house with the patience to understand that she needs help to grow her confidence and that will come with patience and time. 

Good with Children: We think Maggie will be fine with older children, but we would not recommend younger children at this time.

Good with Dogs: Yes, Maggie loves our dogs and when they are sleeping she has a habit of wanting to initiate play, and barks at them to demand it. We think it is cute, but our dogs are not that impressed. She has played with both of them with no issues.

Good with Cats: Unknown, can test but would not recommend cats at this time. 

House trained: She had one accident in the beginning, but after that smooth sailing. She knows what go outside/potty means, and has barked to let us know.

Crate trained: Yes, she has learned “kennel” (we toss a few treats in to reward her), and settles in fine. When overwhelmed Maggie will also give herself a “time out” into the kennel to decompress.

Leash trained: She pulls slightly on the leash but not terrible. With saying her name and redirection, she will come along on a walk.

Activity Level:  Maggie has a medium energy level. She loves to just be with you but will also have moments where she wants to be mentally stimulated. We have been engaging this with her by teaching her tricks for rewards. We recommend a lot of interactive activities initially so she can build a bond with you. 

Fence:  Maggie loves to explore and would prefer a fenced yard. She has been fine with walks and a tie out as well. She needs work on recall so at this time will not come back if not in fenced-in property.

Behavior:  Maggie takes some time to get to know you, but then blossoms into a gal so sweet you will get a cavity! In the comments we mentioned specific things that she will need some help with, but overall, she is a wonderful dog and a very sweet soul. We are hoping that special angel is out there willing to help Maggie learn and grow!

Medical History:  Maggie is up to date on all shots, preventative, and microchipped. She is currently be treated for allergies and an infected spay incision scar. After this heals up she should be good to go! She was a great patient at the vet.

Foster Comments Maggie needs a home that will have empathy for her past as a stray and depressed shelter dog, and will be willing to spend one on one time with her to both build a bond and trust as well as build her confidence. She is very shy at first but then will settle in and when she does, she will want to explore and play! She loves to snuggle and hug and is a girl that demands to be seen and will bark to say “hey, look at me, aren’t I cute”, when she does so you will see her smiling back at you! She has grown in strides with just her short time with us it has been incredible to watch. She has a willingness to explore your house so make sure you have her only in rooms where she won’t get into mischief.

Maggie has had events of possession aggression. At the shelter it had been with toys, however she has been wonderful with toys while with us, even with other dogs. She has displayed no aggression at all over kibble or treats too. She did however have one incident with us over a sandwich crust that was on a tv tray. Since then we have been teaching her “Leave It”, “Drop It” and “Watch Me”, and she is picking it up really well. We would prefer a home for her with dog behavior experience or a willingness to learn and grow by leading the way for Maggie to be the best gal she can be. I can tell you and show you how we have been working with her and it will provide you a good foundation to hit the ground running!

Adoption Fee:  $300.00 for adults 1 – 6 years old, Will increase to $350.00 January 1, 2020

Foster Location: Sauk City, WI

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restrictions.