FILA ABIN#19-217 – F, 2 Years

Foster dog name: Fila

Gender: Spayed Female

Age:  2 years.   Est DOB: 9/1/17

Size/Weight:  29.5 lbs.

Color: Tri colored pocket setter

Breed: English Setter from Greece

Socialization/training: There has been NO FORMAL TRAINING -She is a former STREET DOG so she is just learning the basics of In House Manners!  She is very shy & skittish!  She likes other dogs but is cautious before letting her guard down. She is an ESCAPE ARTIST and will bolt at LOUD Scary Noises! If she escapes, she will RUN like the wind to parts unknown! She is ready to jump on board for car rides and prefers not to be left behind! She quickly assimilated into the FOSTER HOME and has never been in a scuffle with any of the others in the pack. This Little Girl is still learning BASIC English so she always follows the TRIO as they guide her to whatever is happening next! She is eager to please but is frightened by new situations and the NEW LANGUAGE and Commands are overwhelming, EASY does it with this kid!  She will need a gentle, kind family to Love her and keep her safe!

Good with Children: Toddlers frighten her -she seems unsure of their next move -however she is interested! She has been willing to try to play with our 18 month old grand. She would probably feel much more comfortable around kids older than 5. 

Good with dogs: Sleeps In the same room with the FOSTER siblings, eats in the same area, gatherers toys from the community toy box without incident -never causes a ruckus! 

Good with cats:  unknown -none here

Housetrained:  MOSTLY! She has had a few mishaps in the house - Not Surprised by this tho, She was a Street Dog -   she is learning house manners & it takes time.

Crate trained: Still working on this! She is tiny so getting her into the crate is not the issue - she barks and cries when left alone......She might have a bit of separation anxiety.....TBD!

Leash trained: Not trained but seems to tolerate walking with it. She is petite so there is very little pulling and she does like to GO!  She is reactive to the bunnies and squirrels and has been known to slip her collar and harness so DOUBLE LEASHING is highly recommended!  She will Bolt  at LOUD noises (combines, leaf blowers, tractors, construction machinery, snow blowers, Mowers And even noisy party goers!)

Activity level: This Lady is QUICK and wants to investigate - she will RUN the entire yard with the FOSTER Siblings but then come in for morning nap or play time with indoor toys.  She tried to escape our physical fence several times and was successful ONCE!  She squeezed thru the verticals! She needs to have EYES on her@all times when outdoors or she can be gone in an instant! She is learning the RECALL just by following the pack.  She is a DIGGER & CHEWER......needs indoor and outside chew toy distractions! It could be nerves or an old Street habit but She will chew inappropriate items if not watched closely! (stones, wires, bricks, deck steps, furniture, carpet, throw rugs)

Fence: At least a 4 ft physical fence is Required -she is too active and needs to be contained to keep her safe because of her speed and tendency to Bolt.

Behavior: She is skittish and afraid of open doorways! She is attentive and listens for her person's voice but is very cautious and slow to approach new settings. She asks for pets, likes the couch and prefers to sleep on the human bed with her FAV person! She is Over the Top excited for regular mealtime and does a wee dance before getting her dinner. She does Not counter surf and likes ICECUBES, Fresh Carrots and Toast! 

Medical history: Spayed, microchipped, UTD on all vaccines, Heartgard and Frontline....Fila originates from Greece - Leishmaniasis is endemic- potential adopters must be willing to commit to annual testing for the next 7 years. The test typically costs $150.

FOSTER comments: Fila will need to be One within a pack! ...She needs others to follow! She respects the Older Pack Leaders and gives them space, but she needs to learn from them. She is skittish to the point of almost being stubborn but it is because she is frightened -she will need a family with lots of time to give her a good solid training so she can become brave to enjoy this new life in the USA.....Will that family be YOU?

Adoption fee: $300.00

Dog Location: Lititz, PA

Volunteer transport can be arranged in the Continental US within a 1,000 mile distance between adopters & foster home. Typically, we are able to transport your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home. *Dogs can be adopted outside the 1000 mile transport distance; however, adopters must be willing to either fly their adopted dog, drive to a location within the 1000 mile transport range, or make independent transport arrangements for their adopted dog. Transports to far West states, from Eastern states, may have additional restrictions.