Application to Adopt and/or Foster

Application Form (.docx)

To apply, download the application form above, and email the completed form to June at this address. Please note, you must send the form in editable format (eg, .docx. rtf, etc., not as a .pdf). If you cannot download or open this file,  please email June to receive it in another format.

Our application process is a cumulative result of over 10 years of rescue experience.  The information requested enables us to assess the type of Setter  or Setter mix which best fits your lifestyle and which applicants best match to the personality and energy levels of our Setters.  We encourage you to provide as much detail as you can, to enable the best “match”.

Please review these adoption/fostering requirements before completing/submitting your application:

1. You must be at least 21 years old to apply to adopt a dog from Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue.
2. Proof of annual heart worm testing and proof of heart worm preventative must be available either through receipts or your vet's records for current and recently passed dogs. (Unless not recommended by local vets)
3. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

There are times that Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue may not be able to place a dog in states in the Western U.S. or to some Canadian provinces. Those states would include Alaska, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. However we request that you fill out our application in hopes that we may be able to place a dog in your area. If this is not the case we will notify you within 48 hours.Thank You,

After your application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive this communication, there may have been an issue with your submission, please  contact

We will contact your veterinarian to confirm care provided to current/past pets. You will receive a phone call for an initial interview within the next several days. Personal references may be contacted and a home visit scheduled. Once these steps are completed, the information will be reviewed by the application committee.  You will be contacted with the results of the review.  Although these steps sound as though it will take time to complete, the overall process typically is completed in less than two weeks.  Approved adopters will be assigned an A & B volunteer "Buddy” to help them find their new family member!  Approved fosters will be contacted by our Foster Coordinator to find the foster dog which best meets their needs.

Thank you for considering adopting and/or fostering one of our dogs.  We are very excited for both you and our setters!