LEESEE AB#17-003 (Formerly Lucy-VA)



Gender: female
Age: Approximately 7 years old
Size/Weight: 48 pounds, she has thick fur and a gorgeous tail with beautiful feathers.
Color: Black and white
Breed: English setter

Socialization/training: Leesee came to A & B very scared when her owner died and she needed a new home. She didn’t eat much initially, but now that she feels safe, her appetite has picked up and she’s getting more comfortable in her foster home.

I don’t know that she had much training with her original owners. Since she’s mostly deaf, we go outside and clap our hands to get her attention to come inside. When she’s outside, she will also ‘check- in’ by coming up on the deck and looking through the glass door to see where we are. Then she’s off and running again.

Good with Children: Since she’s hard of hearing and almost completely deaf, she needs to go to a home with older children where she won’t be startled accidently.

Good with Dogs: She’s initially grumpy and a little growly with new dogs. If the dogs give her space and don’t get in her face or try to play, she’s fine with them. If they’re a little too rambunctious for her, she’ll let them know. I don’t believe Leesee is going to be a playful dog and may be best as an only dog or with an older, calm, laid-back dog.

Good with Cats: NO cats or small animals due to her prey drive for small critters. Leesee has been very fascinated by the resident cats and I fear she would harm them if she got the chance.

House trained: Yes, she hasn’t had any accidents in her crate or in the house.

Crate trained: Yes, but she’s an older girl who’d rather be with her people or checking out the birds outside than being crated. Sometimes she seems a little stiff when she gets out of her crate but is fine otherwise.

Leash trained: Working on it, pulls hard, especially if she sees something she wants to chase. She’s stronger than she looks!

Cars: Leesee hadn’t had much experience riding in cars. When she went to the vet, she was very nervous but did ok.

Activity Level: Leesee LOVES to run around the backyard checking everything out! When she’s done exploring, she likes to lay on the deck and take a quick snooze or just watch the world go by. Leesee doesn’t jump her 4’ fence, dig or bark at anyone. Inside, she settles down quickly and likes to know where everyone is.

She is starting to figure out that the dog beds are for her comfort and that she needs to lay ON them, and not next to them. With her previous family, she enjoyed snuggling on the couch with them but she hasn’t gotten that comfortable with her foster family yet.

Fence REQUIRED: Physical fence required. Even though Leesee is 7 years old, she loves the freedom of running around the backyard and deserves to have that experience as a bird dog!

Behavior: Leesee loves attention from people but she also has a little independent streak. She likes to know where her people are, but doesn’t follow us around the house or demand attention. Leesee likes getting petted and being with people.

Medical History: Spayed, Up-to-date, microchipped, on heartworm preventative, and recently had a dental. Leesee seems to be mostly deaf, but it doesn’t slow her down any.

Foster Comments: When Leesee was a year old, she was found as a stray and was heartworm positive. The kind and caring people who found her, took her in and had her treated for heartworms and gave her a home. When the owners got sick, Leesee was there for them and gave them much comfort as they were going through their own medical treatments. Sadly, when the owners passed away, Leesee had nowhere to go and she was surrendered to A & B. Right now she’s wondering what happened to the only family that she knew and I’m sure she’s confused as she walks around her foster home looking for them.

Leesee is what we call an “easy-keeper”. She is a sweet and friendly girl who deserves to find a new home where she’ll be loved and cherished once again.

Adoption fee: $275.00

Foster Location: Bloomington, Illinois
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.