MAISEY AB#16-165-1 & MAX AB#16-165-2


MAX above, MAISEY below


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MAISEY 16-165-1                                                                             MAX 16-165-2
Gender: Female                                                                                   Gender: Male
Age: 11 years                                                                                        Age: 11 years
Size/Weight: small, 31 lbs                                                               Size/Weight: small/33 lbs
Color: Orange and white                                                                  Color: Orange and white
Breed: English Setter                                                                        Breed: English Setter

MAISEY is very social and friendly, greets people without much hesitation, willingly allows petting from strangers, generally happy to be with people. Maisey has not had any training in the past and does not seem to respond to her name or any commands.

MAX is very friendly, greets people he meets but sometimes panics when his fears get the best of him and will run away if approached quickly. He doesn’t cower or behave like he was abused, but he gets scared and sometimes darts because he is uncertain. I know if given lots of rewards and positive reinforcement, that reaction will likely disappear. Max has not had any training in the past and does not seem to respond to his name or any commands.

Good with Children:
MAISEY is very good with children. She is sweet and patient. Because of her weakness in her back legs and sometimes pain with getting up from sitting, only older children would be appropriate for her. She cannot get out of the way quickly and if she were bumped she might lose her balance and struggle a bit, which would not be a fun way to live.

MAX is very good with children, but older children would be better for him because of his low confidence and lack of training.

Good with Dogs:
MAISEY is very good with other dogs and has been very submissive to my dogs and friendly with dogs she meets in the neighborhood. She is very sweet and close with her brother, Max. We wonder if, in their younger days, she was the more dominant one because she tends to get the best spot on the bed and is the first to eat.

MAX is cautious, but good with other dogs and has been very submissive to my dogs and “neutral and curious” with dogs he meets in the neighborhood. He is close with Maisey and they don't mind sharing a food bowl or even enjoying antlers while in their crate together.

Good with Cats: Unknown. We do not have cats, so we have not been able to test her with them.
MAISEY did meet a very small Yorkie and was very friendly with her.

MAX has been very stiff and unsure when he sees a small Yorkie that lives down the street, but I think after a while, it won’t be such a big deal and he will relax when he sees her.

House trained: This is a work in progress. We are working on this and hope to see some improvement soon!

Crate trained: They do not go into the crate on their own but when nudged to go into the crate. They settle down instantly (in a very large crate together) and never cry or fuss when crated. Neither of them have had an accident in the crate.

MAISEY often needs some support under her tummy to help her back legs along when getting out of the crate. Although not necessary, I usually carry her outside and set her down and within a minute her legs are loosened up and she wanders around the yard to sniff and go potty.

Leash trained:
MAISEY walks great on a leash! She actually sometimes hangs back while her brother runs ahead and we need to slow down a bit for her. She likes to take her time and sniff all the neighbor's shrubs and say hello to anyone she meets. She loves when we walk DOWN a hill and she gets a cute little trot going!

MAX at first Max surprised us because he was so shy and scared that he barely walked at all on a leash. Once he realized he was safe with us he began to get very excited to walk and was eager to be running around sniffing everything in site! We had to get some control because his sister, Maisey, is usually 5 steps behind us so that made walking them together a bit of a challenge! For now, Max is using a special collar and an extra long leash so that has helped tremendously, but proper leash training would definitely benefit him and make it easier to walk him with Maisey.

Activity level:
MAISEY: Most of the time Maisey is calm and loves to cuddle and has a very low activity level. Strangely, she has little spurts of restlessness and paces around the house, exploring and acting a little confused. I don’t believe she lived in a house before and she finds herself in some interesting predicaments as she meanders around. She has gotten stuck behind some furniture and climbs onto some things that have really surprised us! She really wants to go up our stairs but then she can’t or won’t come down the stairs. She likes to hang out at the bottom of the steps where there are two walls and puts her front feet on one of the walls, expecting there to be a door or opening of some kind. I don’t know if it closely resembles somewhere she was in her previous life, or if she is experiencing some mild dementia and confusion.
She has the cutest little spurts of energy and will grab a stuffed animal and shake it around playfully. I believe that she and her brother were not given much through their life so now that they are in a home with a lot of things lying around they do both like to explore with their mouths. Although they are older, they “grab” things with their mouths and pull at them, such as the bathroom rug or doormat.

MAX is older but still has a lot of energy and playfulness. He loves to play with toys and is very oral with anything he finds lying around. He likes to grab things such as laundry or blankets and drag them around. Don't let his age fool you! All the typical home items that are within his reach have caught his attention and he needs to be supervised like a toddler on the loose! However, when he is done exploring, he will pull a blanket and a stuffed animal onto the dog bed or he will jump on the couch and go right to sleep.

Fence: Always preferred, but not necessary. Leash walking would be sufficient and never loose in an unfenced area.

MAISEY'S behavior is generally very good, but she does not have much experience with being in home, so she really likes to explore and if not supervised, can become mischievous and display puppy behavior, despite her age. Distractions and appropriate toys would work well for her so she has something safe to focus her attention.

MAX'S behavior is very good. He is a happy boy. He is food motivated and needs someone who can teach him manners and commands and give him lots of positive reinforcement, which will make him more confident and secure. He needs appropriate toys and mentally stimulating activities.

Medical History: Maisey and her brother, Max, were surrendered to a high kill shelter in NC. The shelter was told they are 11 years old. The vet agrees that 11 is a good estimate (although Max acts younger than Maisey). Both are up to date on vaccines, spayed & neutered, & microchipped.
MAISEY has arthritis in her left knee, and has a difficult time getting up from a lying or sitting position. Once she is up and moving around, it loosens up and she gets around just fine. She most likely has mild arthritis in other joints on her back end and licks and chews at her feet and knees and that has caused the rust discoloration you see in her photos. She has been on Glucosamine and Fish Oil since her time in foster, and soon an anti-inflammatory/pain medication will be added.
Maisey has Anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease, and has completed the necessary treatment. She is very underweight and has lost some muscle, so a high protein/fat diet would be great for her. Mentally, Maisey has moments of restlessness and some confusion, but is still generally, a very happy girl and really enjoys being with people.

MAX tested positive for Lyme Disease and he has completed the treatment. He is very underweight so a high protein/fat diet would be great for him. Max is neutered, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and recently had a dental cleaning.

Foster Comments: As a long-time foster, I have cared for all breeds, ages, and personalities. My soft spot is seniors and Maisey is exactly the reason why.
MAISEY: From the instant I met her, I fell in love with her “Grandma” soulful eyes that just make you want to hold her and give her everything she needs to make the remainder of her life full of love and comfort. She is pure sweetness and if you are looking for a dog to give you a constant reminder of how precious a life is, no matter what age, Maisey is your girl.

MAX is funny because he behaves like a puppy that is exploring the house for the first time, slipping on the hardwood floors and panicking when he doesn’t know where to go. Then we settle down on the couch to watch tv and he wants nothing more than to cuddle up next to me, tilting his head up every few minutes just to make sure I am still there and this isn’t all a dream. That is what I imagine these dogs must be thinking. “This is good…. this is what I’ve always wanted.”

We are hoping that Maisey and Max will be adopted together as that is all they've ever known and do seek out each other's company.

Adoption fee: Because of their age and need to be adopted together, Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue will waive any adoption fee. We just want them to have their remaining years in a loving home TOGETHER.

Foster Location: Rolesville, NC
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.