SUGAR AB#16-163


Loves to be near you.


Sugar playing in yard video

Gender: Female
Age: 2 years
Size/Weight: 54 pounds
Color: White & Orange
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Eng Setter mix?

Socialization/training: Sugar seems to be a well socialized dog & seems to have had some training. She seems to know to sit for a treat & sit by our side. She seems to catch on easily to sign language.

Good with Children: Unknown. I would not recommend young children. Will explain in foster comments below.

Good with Dogs: Yes and No. I have 6 Setters in my home, plus Sugar. My Setters consists of a wide range of ages and I have both male and female. Sugar gets along well with them outside. When inside, she wants all the attention to herself and will challenge any dog that comes near when she is being petted.
Most of my dogs sense to steer clear at those times, but I have a male Gordon Setter that will not back down, so therefore we must keep them separated.
I believe this behavior can be modified, but is too difficult with so many dogs in my home. A home with just one other dog, I think would be fine. Sugar readily "play bows" and loves to run around with my Irish Setter.

Good with Cats: No.  Because of Sugar's need to have all the attention, I would fear for the cat's safety if the cat jumped in your lap while Sugar was there.

House trained: Yes, no accidents in house.

Crate trained: Yes. Goes easily in the crate and settles down quickly. Sleeps through the night.

Leash trained: Yes. I have not taken her on too many walks, but what little I have, she seems NOT be a puller.

Activity Level: Moderate-Laid back. For a young dog, she is quite content to spend most of the day inside next to you.

Fence: Always preferred, but Sugar's activity level is such, that I believe leash walks would be sufficient. Also, she seems to be a dog that will not run away. When she is outside with me, she stays mostly by side. When she's done with her business, she runs back to the door of the house to go back in.

Behavior: Sugar is an attention hog. When she wants you to pet her, she paws at you or if sitting at the computer will nudge your arm with her nose. She loves to cuddle on the couch with you. She even tolerates the other dogs sharing "her" couch, but best to keep a watch on her body language and eye/head stare to determine if she is not happy with the other dogs there. She "listens" well when I let her know she has to let the dogs up on the sofa also.

Medical History: Sugar is spayed, up to date on vaccines & microchipped. She is deaf. I assume she was born deaf since she is so young. I've also noticed she has a "tick" that happens more in the evening. She air snaps or fly snaps. It looks like she see's a fly and is trying to catch is with her mouth. In observing this behavior, she is not focusing on an object or imagined object. This is just a spasm? tick? tremor? that she cannot control.

Foster Comments: Although I haven't taught her many signs, she intuitively seems to know what is expected of her. She is a very well behaved girl. Simple hand movements and she stays in the room. She sits for treats. She waits for her dinner. She seems to understand the ASL sign for "no". That could be more seeing my "mean" face that goes along with the sign. Companion dogs really do not need to know a lot of commands. They learn what to do from your routine and from that routine, you can develop your own signs or body language for more specific tasks.
Because of Sugar's ticks & her jealousy of others getting attention, I don't think she should be adopted to a family with young children, that don't understand. Also, because of her ticks, a young child would not know to be careful when she air snaps. I have never gotten close to being bitten when she does this. In fact, I just go on petting her even while she spasms. This is definitely NOT an aggressive action. Her behavior doesn't change when she does this. It is just a a "tick", like a person who can't stop blinking their eyes.
It is a pleasure walking in our yard with her because she stays by my side. She just wants to be near you and be loved.
Sugar is a very very sweet and mellow girl.

Adoption fee: $300.00

Foster Location: Cedar Grove, TN
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.