MR. REX AB#16-153



Gender: Male
Age: 9 years young
Size/Weight: 40 pounds, perfect for cuddling
Color: White & Orange / Orang Belton
Breed: Eng Setter

Good with Children: Unknown. No children in current foster home. I can't forsee any issues with children.

Good with Dogs: Yes. He gets along great with a black lab (who is an alpha dog) that I watch.

Good with Cats: Unknown. They did get his attention when they were on TV. He seemed curious

House trained: Mostly. He has had a few bathroom accidents in the house but if you are aware of his eating and drinking you can stay on top of it. One thing he has done a couple times is mark his territory in the house. He did this after he met the black lab. I bought a male wrap (on amazon) just to be safe and he has no problem with it on.

Crate trained: Yes. He easily goes into his crate with a few kibbles or milkbone (but who doesn't want a treat). He sleeps all night without making a noise or whining. When I leave the house I hear him bark a little but he stops and settles in.

Leash trained: Yes, he prefers my very long leash.

Activity Level: He isn't what I'd call high energy (maybe because of his age). He does have playtime in the morning, a little at noon and in the evening.

Fence: A fence would be nice especially if you had another dog or the weather was warmer. It's been cold here so he doesn't stay out long. We recently got some nice snow with warmer temps and he enjoyed playing in it.

Behavior: He does enjoy his toys. Yes.... his stuffys don't have stuffing any longer and he likes his little kong.
As with any male, he does love attention, whether it be patting him, rubbing his ears or cuddling in your lap. If you are alone at home he does want to be in the same room as you. If you're going in the vehicle do not forget him. He settles in nicely.

Medical History: Rex is neutered, up to date on vaccines, & micrchipped. He is being treated for Lyme disease but doesn't show any symptoms. He will need to be retested in 4-6 months. His teeth are worn and have some tarter but he has not problem eating.

Foster Comments: He does have a quirky habit I can't explain. He frequently sticks his tongue out an inch or so and leaves it out.
Rex has not chewed anything in the house that he shouldn't but he has put his mouth on things. He should always have lots of toys for entertainment.
He would be a nice fit with an older person or persons as he doesn't jump on people, and loves his nap time.
Obedience class is recommended. He does well with the come command but others need reinforcing. He has been known to counter surf if there is something there that smells good.
Loud noises sometimes startle him and he turns and looks for me.
If your interested in Mr. Rex I would be happy to talk to you.

Foster Location: Moultonboro, NH
In most cases volunteer transport is available for your adopted dog to within 2 hours of your home.